Veems Makes Us Express Ourselves To Someone



Veems? What is it? 

Veems is a Social Media - Android application, mainly used for sending an anonymous messages to someone and receive the reply in private.


From "Veems" website, Veems is a place where you can speak your ideas freely. It has everything you love about social media. You get to heart and share stuff. You can also share text messages, images, and stickers to your friends and followers. But here’s the twist: when someone replies to what you sent, only you will see it. This puts you in control of the conversation, allowing you to explore your ideas and feelings (including #hugot!) more freely.



What do you mean express ourselves with someone with veems?

We all know that some of us are not able to express or tell to someone their feelings or thoughts. But with Veems, it will help you to express your feelings or thoughts with someone, and without knowing your identity. Plus with the preloaded messages, sending message is quite easy, no need to create a message to send.



What messages I can send?

Since the messages is preloaded from sending "Secret SMS", it is categories in 8 types.
For instance, the "miss" message type, can send a message of missing the receiver or something in your relationship.



8 types of Messages


There is also status panel, where you can voice out your messages or post your status to the public. Also, only the poster of the message will be able to read the reply of the public. Therefore, it brings privacy between to the poster and the replier. You can post also photos and tell a story or descriptions about it.



How to get started?

First, before of anything else... Download Veems from "Google" Play Store or

Then after installation open Veems app and create an account.


And then, after creating an account you may get started on sending "Secret SMS". All you need to do is follow the 4 simple step below.



4 Simple step of sending "Secret SMS" with Veems



6 Simple Steps to Send Secret Message (when application are not running):

  • Open Veems Application. (disregard this step if Veems App is already open)
  • Tap "SECRET SMS".
  • Choose which type of message you will be sending.
  • Choose your message from preloaded message selections.
  • Choose the receiver contact number or name from the list.
  • Then tap send.


VIOLA! Your message was sent. The receiver will be able to receive it without knowing you're the sender. The receiver can reply back to the sender.
Does the receiver need to have Veem App to be able to read the message?

Well... For more information please visit Veems Website:



Visit Their Social Media Accounts to know more

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