What It’s Like to Send and Receive a Veems’ Secret SMS


Veems is a social app where you can share your life differently. It allows you to send status, photos, and Secret SMS that you wouldn't experience anywhere else.

And the website: http://getveems.com
Also the Google Play description: http://bit.ly/getveems

Why "VEEMS" is hot today and onwards on social media users and texter? Because anyone who wishes to send an anonymous message or secret sms to someone will never be known, unless if the sender confess it.

Think of sample, you want to say something to someone you love, have crush, missed, or you have been upset to someone... It's kinda hard to say it upfront or even send it by SMS, PM using social media, or even sending an email message. Especially if you been keeping it from how many days, months, even years... It's really kinda hard to be frank about it and say it aloud in front of someone.

Why is that hard? Because when you do so, your identity is revealed. And you're afraid to the reaction of that someone, especially if that person is really close to you. Therefore "VEEMS" is the only solutions for now. While you're trying to strengthen your courage to be able to say it to your someone or you have been upset.

But "VEEMS" can used as well to send a "kilig" or giddy messages to your someone, whether that person know you're the sender or not, those giddy messages will bring happiness to that person.

We all do know, keeping a secret it's kinda hard, but using "VEEMS" to let it out your feeling to your special someone will lighten those secrets. Special if you have been keeping it more than years.

The real fun part with "VEEMS" is seeing someone to get curious about it, thinking "who might be the sender", "why I didn't noticed", "is there someone really felt about it", "Oh! Someone got a crush on me?"... That are some of example that will run to someone minds when their received an anonymous message. And sometimes without knowing, the receiver of the message will be attached to the message & the anonymous sender. Thinking who might be the sender for how many days or weeks...

Imagine during 70's to 90's when there is no smartphones or mobile phones, its kinda hard to send a letter to a special someone without being seen, specially in school or office. Sometimes a person need an accomplish to be able to send a secret mail. But in this generation, we don't need that. We don't need to think of an idea to which message we will be sending, we don't need an accomplish to be able to send a letter in secret, we don't need to spend a lot to be able to send a letter, we don't need someone to write our letters to be able to hide our identity, we don't need to keep it secret since "VEEMS" will keep it a secret for us. In addition "VEEMS" pre-loaded message will make it easier to the sender to choose which kind of message, since all pre-loaded messages are categories by its type.

It's about time to let it go, as "Queen Ana" said so from "Frozen Movie". You have to let it go, release yourself from burden of keeping your feelings inside you. Use "VEEMS" to let it go your secret feelings. You don't need to hide the feelings anymore, you can express it via "VEEMS". Shoot your someone special "HEART", but not with the arrow, but instead shoot it with the "VEEMS" pre-loaded message... And make that person heart beeps much faster in excitement and curiosity of knowing you.