FatOut for Safe Colon Cleansing


Toxins in your colon can cause various health complications - irritability, digestive problems and even weight gain. This is why you should take necessary steps in cleaning your colon such as drinking enough water, adding more fiber and vegetables in your diet.


There's also FatOut which assist in cleansing your colon the natural way. FatOut has Sweep and Shred formula which helps in cleansing your colon and trimming down your extra fat.


FatOut sweeps away toxins from your colon and shreds excess body fat.



It is a combination of the following Amazing Ingredients:

PSYLLIUM HUSK - known as the super fiber, it cleans the colon and sweeps away toxins and cholesterol from dietary fats.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT - known to effectively aid weight loss as it burns and shreds fats by speeding up metabolism

Pu’er Tea Extract - eliminates hard-to-digest fats

Aloe Vera Powder - the essential amino acids in this ingredient help detoxify and remove toxins in the colon

Alfalfa - promotes better digestive health

Oat Fiber - controls the appetite and suppresses cravings. Cleanse your colon the natural way.




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