Increase your savings more from shopping online

Increase your savings more from shopping online


Almost everyone who has internet access does their shopping on online stores. Because we save a lot doing so. We save a lot of time traveling to and from malls, browsing slowly through all the aisles and navigating through traffic. We can also save on transportation costs or gasoline expenses because we won’t even have to leave the house. These days, online stores also offer a lot more discounts than physical stores which helps us save money.

I recently discovered a way to save even more from shopping online. ShopBack Philippines helps you to gain cashback on your online purchases! I just found out recently and I really regret my previous purchase from an online store last week. If only I knew about ShopBack before, I would be able to save even more money.

Anyway, starting late is better than not starting at all! I will share with you on how to increase or maximize your savings when shopping online.



Shopback Website

ShopBack Website



Shopback helps you increase your savings by giving you cashback whenever you shop online through one of their affiliate stores. They have over 300 stores they’re offering cashback and voucher codes for including popular ones like Lazada. Whenever you shop online, be sure to check if they are an affiliate of ShopBack so you can get the best online shopping discounts for whatever you buy! You can even discover new shops to buy things from. Rest assured, all the stores on ShopBack have been verified and are trusted.



ShopBack: No. 1 Online Shopping Buddy


What I need to do first?

  • Visit ShopBack website & register.
  • Confirm your account from your email address.
  • Then you're ready to begin your shopping online.


How to use ShopBack:

  • Login first using your email address as your login username.
  • Choose which product categories or online stores, then click your preferred online store.
  • Once redirected to online store, stay put on single window/browser tab.
  • Don't use or click online store coupon or discount.
  • Use only the discount that ShopBack
  • Don't forget to enable cookies on you device (computer, phone, or tablet).


ShopBack: How it works



Saving more using ShopBack




I’ve been interested in buying a new phone for quite some time now but decided to hold it off because they are quite a pricey purchase. After browsing through ShopBack, I realised that they’re even offering cashback (up to 4%) for more expensive items such as Cherry Mobile and Samsung products.

When you shop for such products through Lazada, most of them are already discounted. Getting cashback and voucher codes on top of it just helps you to save more! We're going to purchase items worth 10,000PHP or $220 from Lazada through ShopBack. Because we get 4% cashback from them, we will receive 400PHP or $8.80 in our Shopback account. This money can be redeemed after a certain verification period is over. Therefore, you can see how we can save a lot of money using ShopBack for all our online purchases. The more we use ShopBack for our online purchases, the more we save. Remember as I explained at the start, we already get a lot of savings from buying online alone, add that to the increase in our savings using Shopback!

Also in some products and online merchant they offer more than 4%, such as AliExpress our cash back will be 5%. If we purchase an item worth 10,000PHP or $220, we will receive 500PHP to 1,000PHP or $11 to $22 as our cash back. Also, if you have a valid VISA card, you can increase your savings to 16% from some of the online stores. ShopBack offers us a lot of savings depending on the products, online merchant, and their promo.



ShopBack: How To Use Lazada Vouchers + Get Cashback


I don't see any reason not to use ShopBack service, since from the first place they give me a huge opportunity to save more. And it will help me to give my family a quality product, services, and more savings. Plus my family and I will have more time to spend together. Since I save a lot from my online purchase and receive rewards from ShopBack, I will have more budget to spend on my family, I can even take them to vacation or out of town trips. There you are, it’s about time for you to get you sign-up to Shopback, and use it for your shopping needs.