Business promotions on all kinds of media

Business promotions on all kinds of media.

PitGames Inc. & PitGames Media are specialized on business publishing, distribution, printing, & promotions; including but not limited to magazines, printed publications, videos, website, internet video streams particularly in the game fowl, cockfighting, and gaming industry, and has the capacity to promote and/or advertise any matter in such media.

Pit Games was founded in 1994 by its then Publisher, Art Tolentino. Pit Games, moved forward with lots of innovations and changes, when Mr. Emmanuel “Manny” Berbano, a gamefowl breeder and fresh from his retirement as a Coca-Cola executive took over the helm of this magazine. A lot of changes took place and the first noticeable improvement was making it bigger and special from its original size of 7”x 10,” the publisher decided to make it a little bigger and opted for 8.5 x 11 inches size, not only that, from book paper to C2S quality paper that is glossy and very elegant. Every page is a work of art, from entertaining and informative articles to quality pictures that are crisp and clear. Pit Games is the gamefowl industry’s premiere entertainment magazine and we are proud to be the official magazine of the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders, Inc., the biggest organization that is dedicated to the growth of the gamefowl industry.

PitGames Inc. was formally launched January 24, 2007. A corporation organized and existed under Philippine laws, with principal office address at Concession Unit, Prince Gregory Condominium, 105 12th Ave., Cubao, Quezon City.

Pitgames Media Inc. (PGMI) is currently airing 3 successful TV shows namely All New Tukaan, Sultada and AgriBusiness & 4 successful magazines namely Pit Game, Llammado, Farmbook and The Global Pigeon Fancier.

With PitGames Inc.  being the forefront of advocating the importance and relevance of these industries as part of the Philippines’ rich culture and tradition, we have developed this media avenue to educate, inform and preserve the unique Filipino heritage.

PitGames Products:

  • Books &  DVDs
  • Farmbook Magazine
  • Llamado Magazine
  • PitGames Magazine
  • The Global Pigeon Fancier



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