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 CORDLIFE Philippines

CORDLIFE Philippines: One Chance, One Choice. The Cordlife team, led by brand manager, Ms. Jonelyn De Belen along with medical and brand experts were able elucidate the participants on the benefits of banking Cord blood. There is only one opportunity to collect and store the stem cells found in the cord blood and this is only during birth.


Stem cells are at the forefront of one of the most fascinating and revolutionary areas of medicine today. Doctors recognize that stem cells have the potential to help treat numerous diseases by generating healthy new cells and tissue. A wide range of diseases is treatable with stem cells such as acute and chronic forms of leukemia and myeloproliferative disorders to name a few.



Cordlife Lab

Cordlife Lab



To facilitate collection, a personalized ovulation kit will be provided to umbilical cord banking customers which can be brought to the hospital during delivery. The specimen will be picked up by Cordlife up within 24 hours from actual time of delivery and, afterwards, processed and stored in cryogenic storage tanks at its UP-Ayalaland Technohub facility in Quezon City within 48 hours.

Apart from its highly-secure world-class facility which operates 365 days a year, customers also benefit from Cordlife’s use of Cell Optima, an advanced patented technology for stem cell isolation.  Developed by Singapore-based clinician-scientists and exclusively available at Cordlife, the technology can isolate and expand EpSCs and MSCs from the umbilical cord, giving families more medical options in the future.

Moreover, unlike other stem cell banks, Cordlife cryo preserves stem cells in its original form, allowing superior quality cells to be derived for future medical therapy. This also lets families take advantage of future advancements in stem cell technology.



Cordlife alone offers expert cord blood banking services and as a group, has released a total of 35 cord blood units to date.


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