SWEET CREATIONS BY MUMS takes everyone to cupcake heaven!

Sweet Creations by Mums


SWEET CREATIONS BY MUMS takes everyone to cupcake heaven!


All bloggers and guests were also treated to the yummy, moist and delightfully designed cupcakes, made only by the creative and loving hands of Chef Jo-Ann Tuazon, the lovely founder and baker of SWEET CREATIONS BY MUMS.


Everyone went crazy and simply couldn’t get enough of SWEET CREATIONS BY MUMS perfectly designed Star Wars toppers on yummy chocolate moist cupcakes!


Trust only SWEET CREATIONS BY MUMS to give you the most memorable parties with perfectly designed cakes, cupcakes, dessert buffets and more! Please Like and Follow them on Facebook; just type in SWEET CREATIONS BY MUMS.


Below are some of their cakes, cupcakes, & theme party creations:


Their cakes & cupcakes is amazing and very delicious, you won't be sorry of having them to create your dream theme party. The art works are awesome...


Then it's about time for you to plan ahead and make orders, especially to your special occasions, such as birthday parties, baby shower, anniversaries, and other parties. Make your visitor/guest enjoy the amazing art works and very delicious cupcakes and cakes of Sweet Creations by Mums.


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