Our Family Vacation in Clark Freeport

My Family Vacation in Clark Freeport


After two hours or 80km of travel with one stop over at the gas station, we arrived at McDonald or McCafe, Dau – Mabalacat, Pampanga around 8am, we took our breakfast first before going to the Hotel.


About Clark Freeport

Is a redevelopment of the former Clark Air Base, a former United States Air Force base in the Philippines. It is located on the northwest side of Angeles City and on the west side of the Mabalacat City in the province of Pampanga. It is located about 40 miles (60 km) northwest of Metro Manila.


Route from Road 20, Quezon City to McDonald, Dau, Mabalacat Pampanga


But because we forgot to bring something with us, we decided to make a little detour to Pure Gold Duty Free.


Purgold Duty Free - Clark Freeport

Puregold Duty Free


It took just few minutes from Puregold to Hotel EuroAsia, one of the best hotels in Angeles, Pampanga. When we arrived at 10am, we check-in first. The staff are very nice, polite, and very helpful. We like our room very much, it was very neat and clean.



Hotel EuroAsia


About Hotel EuroAsia

It has a very unique and stylish comfort, offers classic and sophisticated accommodations that make for a truly remarkable stay. Even it is a "Boutique" type hotel, you will be amazed with their top-notch rooms, amenities, and services. The room is a high grade stereotype, with in total of 68 rooms. Plus, the 24 hours front desk and very much efficient service and polite staff, you will never need to raise your eyebrows. They are very much accommodating and friendly. The room has Flat-panel TV with cable TV, which is very much ideal for son, who loves watching kids channel. The bathroom/toilet is very neat and clean. The room is Wi-Fi enable, we can connect from anywhere within the hotel.

 Route from Puregold to Hotel EuroAsia

Route from Puregold Duty Free to Hotel EuroAsia


Hotel room & comfort room:


Hotel Room



Comfort Room



While my wife busy checking the room, my son and I started to scout the place. And then...

Hotel EuroAsia Pool Area

Pool Area – Hotel EuroAsia


My son saw the "Pool", his tiny eyes open wide and big, then he told me, "Daddy! Daddy! Look at the pool, they're bigger than my pool at home, can we go there and swim?”, my son likes the pool so much, I can tell from his reaction (how I wish I was able to capture that moment, but my tablet is still loading). Then, I told him we need to go back in our room first and check mommy. He hurriedly back to our room, since our room on the ground floor area, and he knows the way back. When I came back the room, he keeps bragging to his mom about the pool. He even tried to pull me out the room, while asking me to go with him to the pool. Since my wife is quite busy checking the room and to unpacking the luggage, I asked her first if she needs help or we could go back to the pool. She said, "Yes... Both of you better go there, so that I can easily unpack our things. Well, while she’s unpacking things, me and my son, hurriedly take off our clothes and change into our swim wear. Then we both proceed to the pool.


The following photos are taken from the pool area of the Hotel EuroAsia:



Lunchtime arrived, from the Hotel EuroAsia we travel 15.7km or 45 minutes to E Jacinto, Clark Freeport, Clark Special Economic Zone, and have our lunch in Matam-Ih, an authentic Kapampangan cuisine restaurant.

 Route from Hotel EuroAsia to Matam-Ih

Route from Hotel EuroAsia to Matam-Ih

They got a lot of variety foods we haven't tasted. Especially their "Pinatayong Lechon Manok" or a "Roasted Standing Chicken", it was surprisingly shocking when we found out about it. The chicken was really standing, but I will not mention here how was it done. You have to try it in person. About the food taste, all the food served to us are really delicious and freshly cooked from the pot, grill, pan, and stove.


Matam-Ih Restaurant



At the SM Clark Mall, the little one enjoyed played a lot in the playpen. Then we stroll around the mall and do some window shopping.




Route from SM City Clark to V8 Restobar

Route from SM Clark to V8 RestoBar


Night came and we need to have our dinner and since we seldom do the karaoke bar, we decided to celebrate my sister birthday at V8 Restobar. We had a great time and dinner. And the room was filled with laughter and fun. Even my son was very happy.


Celebrating my sister birthday at V8 Restobar


Then the day came to an end, and we need go back in our hotel room and to relax for the night, because tomorrow is another fun and exciting day with full of activities. My son slept early and had a great night's sleep. We can tell from his sleep that he really have enjoyed so much. But he doesn't know yet, there are more fun activities will surely surprise him on the next day.


Route from Hotel EuroAsia to Air Force Park

Route from Hotel EuroAsia to Air Force Park


The next day sun is up... We stop by at Clark Air Force Park. Once my son saw the playground, he quickly runs toward it and have fun there. While I was busy watching my son and taking his pictures, my wife, my mother, and others are busy doing selfies and group selfies in the park.

Air Force Park


We also visited the Air Force Chapel, and give thanks for the wonderful and fun vacation, before leaving Air Force Park/City.

Air Force City Chapel

Air Force Chapel


We had our lunch at Jollibee, since my son are craving for Jollibee Burger-Steak, his favorite food, we don't know why and when, we can't remember. Only we know that he has always craved for it every week.

 Jollibee near Air Force City

Jollibee near Air Force Park
(Jollibee, Berthapil, M. A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga, Philippines)



Then after our lunch, we travel to Zoocobia. It took us only forty five minutes or 7.6km to get to the Zoocobia Fun Zoo. We have a lot of great times, laughter, and fun activities. We have tried almost every activity they have. They have a lot of animals and plants, including the exotic ones. Plus, our Philippine's Pride animals and plans. They have foods, souvenirs, and memorabilia goods. The most exciting activities we had are the Gravity Car Ride, Zip Line Ride, and Slide at Giant Slide. Even my son loves those activities.


Route from Jollibee to Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Route from Jollibee Berthapil to Zoocobia Fun Zoo


About Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Is much more than a place to view animals. It is a completely educational and fun experience.  Situated in the beautiful, lush, forested foothills of the extended Clark Freeport Zone, Zoocobia is an ecological experience of impressive proportions.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo


Fun Things to do while in the Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Gravity Car - It runs on a 400 meter track with three hairpin curves that are guaranteed to make one’s ride a zoo-per thrilling experience!

Birds Paradise - have a very close encounter with the bird, you may feed them using the feeds from Zoocobia only.

Philippine's Pride Animals & Plants - a showcase various animals and plants that are endemic to the Philippines.

Garden Maze - You will be amazed with their garden, but be careful to get separated from your group and lose your way out.

Animal Barn - From there you will have a close encounter with the animals and have some activity with them.

Giant Slide - Well, all kids will surely love this to try it out, and so we did, but any child from 3 to 9 years old must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

Zipline - Is also known as Superman Ride. This ride is will give you the experience of flying while looking around the Zoocobia.


Our Zoocobia Tour & Adventure


My family vacation has ended and we need to go back to the hotel and check out, then travel back to our home. But even thou our vacation ended, our family vacation was a great success, everyone enjoyed all the activities we did. Plus, more memorable things to remember, photos to store in the album, and stories to tell to our son and future grandson as they grow.



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