Why jigsaw puzzle is one of the best to educate your child at an early age?


Jigsaw puzzle, is an image or photo that is printed on a paper board and cut it into many different pieces. Nowadays, jigsaw are available now in the computer, or mobile device such as smartphones and tablets, you can play offline or online.


But why jigsaw puzzle is one of the best to educate your child at an early age?

Jigsaw Puzzle solving has a lot of benefits to anyone, especially for children in the developing stage of their brain, muscles, and visions.


Jigsaw Puzzle


Benefits of a puzzle for young children are the ff:

  • Develop a multiple skills.
  • Develop short-term memory or memory retention.
  • Enhance muscle control.
  • Enhance their learning abilities.
  • Enhance of logic thinking.
  • And a lot more...


What could a child learn in solving a puzzle:

  • To accept the challenge.
  • To organize and make plans.
  • To ask help and be patience.
  • To be creative and flexible.
  • To concentrate and focus to its objects.
  • To reasons to every decision and action made.
  • To analyze & hypothesis objects, colors, and shapes.
  • And a lot more...


The more a child plays a puzzle, the better the improvement with his skills, abilities, and traits.

In digital age, children can play jigsaw puzzle using desktop/laptop computers, smartphones or tablet.


www.JSPuzzles.com, has a lot of various puzzles. You can even select which shape and set how many pieces. Their puzzle can be played as well using smartphone or tablet.


How to play and navigate to JS Puzzles website:

To begin playing or solving puzzle, you may register first or click any puzzle image that available from selection.

From homepage the following are available:
•  Today latest puzzle
•  Recent added puzzle
•  Random Jigsaw Puzzle link
•  Discover new puzzles around the world link
•  Puzzle Categories
•  Puzzle Album
•  Registration Form

(click right arrow to proceed)
On the popup dialog box, you may setup your jigsaw puzzle from the selection.

Available selection are the following:

•  Quantity of jigsaw jigsaw puzzle
•  Shape of jigsaw puzzle
•  Size of jigsaw puzzle
•  Turn off competitive

(click right arrow to proceed)
You may start solving the puzzle after the page loaded. Timer will start upon clicking any of the puzzle piece.

Available option you may do are the following:
•  Disable sound.
•  Change the puzzle shape.
•  Change background color.
•  Shuffle and restart the puzzle.
•  Display image guide on background.
•  Save the game. (registered user only)
•  You may pause or resume solving puzzle.

(click right arrow to proceed)
Once the puzzle was solved, a new popup dialog box will appear. From the popup, you will be able to see your time completion of solving the puzzle. If you were able to beat the fastest time from the leader board, you may register your name or alias and able see it from the leader board or ranking board. Please click the "continue" link, to proceed.

(click right arrow to proceed)

After clicking the "continue" link, a new page will load and will ask you if you want to go back from the homepage, generate random puzzle from the collection, or you may click "play again" to restart solving the puzzle. Any choice has been selected will load the page and start from the step 2 of solving/playing puzzle.

(click right arrow to restart)








Jigsaw Puzzle samples


Are you and/or your child ready play and take some challenge of solving a puzzle?



To play and learn more information, visit their website.



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