GetFlix #Review and iPad Pro #Giveaway (WW)

GetFlix #Review and iPad Pro #Giveaway (WW)

GetFlix Review and iPad Pro Giveaway (WW) 


What is GetFlix?

GetFlix is a Smart DNS and VPN service provider. It's not the same as NetFlix and iFlix. But! It well help you to unlock the region lock of those streaming video service provider.



What is Smart DNS?

Smart DNS or DNS-over-VPN, its a kind of service that re-routes users internet connection to other overseas server. But without encryptions and privacy protection. GetFlix supports over 200 channels and no software required to use Smart DNS.


What main benefit of DNS-over-VPN?

It help the user to avoid heavy traffic in congested network on the internet. Let say the user are going to watch a video or listen a music, but the user are having a hard time to download the streaming video or music because of the heavy traffic from the server. But, with the help of Smart DNS it will re-route the connection to nearest and faster server.


What about the VPN & its benefits?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a kind of service that protect the user privacy and with encryted connection between the user and server connection. It allow as well to unlock the region locked services of some provider in the internet. Let's say the user want to access other streaming website, but the user can not access the website or the server because of the region lock. But with the help of GetFlix VPN service, it will unlock and make it available for the user to access the website or server services.



Is it safe?

Yes, Smart DNS or VPN service are safe to use, because according to GetFlix the data being tranmisted are not logged, except for url address. For more information please read their Term of Use and Privacy Policy.


Which device I can use with GetFlix?

GetFlix services are available to following devices:

  • Web Browser
  • Android Smartphone
  • Android Tablet
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Game Consoles
  • iPhone Smartphone
  • iPad Tablets
  • Roku
  • Smart TVs


Which VPN protocols supported?

GetFlix supports 4 type of VPN protocols. To learn more visit Getflix VPN page at


The following VPN protocols GetFlix supported:

  • PPTP Protocol
  • L2TP Protocol
  • SSTP Protocol
  • OpenVPN UDP Protocol


How many streaming website or server does GetFlix supported?

GetFlix has a lot and a very long list of supported channel. But with GetFlix VPN all channels are almost supported. To learn more please refer to supported channel page at



How to avail the services?

To avail any of their services, user must subscribe to Smart DNS or VPN service. Its better to subscribe VPN Service, to take advantage as well the SmartDNS.


Does GetFlix offer free trial?

Yes, but limited only for Smart DNS and 14 days trial only.


When I signup for trial, do I need to use my credit/debit card?

No, to avail trial user must visit this page, New Customer Signup page at, and signup using email address only. Then user must login to email account and activate the link provided by GetFlix. Once the email is activated, user will be redirected to registration page, where the user will create the account.


How to setup GetFlix Smart DNS or VPN service on my device?

Setting up GetFlix to any supported device is quick and easy.


To learn more how to setup GetFlix Smart DNS service, please visit GetFlix setup instruction page at

To learn more how to setup GetFlix VPN service, please visit setup instruction page at


Overall, GetFlix VPN are the same as other VPN service offered by other brand. But! Very much different when it comes to SmartDNS. Since VPN + SmartDNS, makes more different, faster, and cheaper. I tried to use their services on the following devices, such as Android Tablet & Phone, Smart TV,  IOS or iPad Tablet, & desktop or laptop PC. Their reference guide how to setup for each device are very much helpful and easy to understand. Especially for different Operating System. I very much recommend GetFlix.


GetFlix Service Highlights:

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Much Faster Internet Connection
  • Protected Online Connection
  • Encrypted Online Connection
  • Smart and fast DNS server



Aside from the awesome Smart DNS and VPN service, Getflix are giving away iPad Pro to lucky winner.

About iPad Pro prize:

Win iPad Pro - #Giveaway

Faster than any other tablet or portable PC

The 64-bit A9X chip with M9 coprocessor running at 2.26GHz will surprise you with its smooth operation and uninterrupted performance even with memory-draining apps. Architecture that gives you 10 hours of battery life and its amazing speed will deliver a long time of online fun – be that web browsing, watching videos, gaming or work.

Win Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Tablet - #Giveaway (WW)

Beautifully simple design

Light, slim and handy device with all necessary buttons and ports just where they should be. The combination of being stylish and powerful will satisfy any user, no matter if it is just casual web browsing or working.

Win iPad Pro - #Giveaway

Wonderful display

The most advanced Retina display to date gives you the highest resolution, the brightest and least reflective display, the widest viewing area and the biggest range of colors in the world of portable devices. If you add True Tone to it (adaptation of the color-tone of the screen depending on the ambient light around you), you get one of the best displays available!


Apple iPad Pro Gold Tablet

All-purpose tool to satisfy everyone

The device is perfectly designed to allow for multitasking working on several apps without having to switch from one app to another. Add a few accessories to it (portable keyboard and pencil) and you can turn your iPad Pro into fully functioning workstation that can be used for anything that you would use your laptop for.


Great adaptable audio

iPad Pro comes with four stereo speakers – one in each corner. All speakers pump out bass with only the top two producing mid and high frequencies. The speakers adapt themselves to the tablet orientation always giving you the best sound possible. The most common complaint about tablets – that they are too quiet – is out of the question here. Listen for yourself.



Don’t waste any more time – join the giveaway now!

Just like with all great giveaways sponsored by GetFlix – they are extremely simple to join. You simply do what you normally do online. All of us share, tweet, write social media messages or recommend things to our friends… And this is exactly what needs to be done here. You don’t need any special knowledge or tools to become a happy owner of the best portable device created so far.

Giveaway Sponsored by: GetFlix


Giveaway Information:

Date Started: April 10, 2017
End Date: May 09, 2017
Availability: 18 years old or older, open Worldwide.
Prize: iPad Pro Tablet





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