PS4 Update to 4.70 Review

PS4 Update to 4.70 Review

The new upgrade said to boost the performance. But! The more I look at it, it just gave me more problem with the PS4 unit.

Since the last update we are already experiencing system crashes or the unit turn off by itself while downloading games in rest mode. But! The new 4.70 update made it worst. After downloading the update and installed it in PS4 system, the PS4 turns off by itself. At first we thought it was restarting to install the update. But! We noticed it taking too much time to restart itself. I tried to use the controller to turn it on, but no luck, it doesn't turn on. Therefore, I need to turn off the power first and turn it on again. Using the controller I turn on the PS4. Then the PS4 system reported that the system was not turned off properly. From there I already know what happened, the system crashed. Before anything else again, too scared to lose all our save games, I grab the USB storage and started to do backups. Then the PS4 crash again when I inserted the USB Storage.

Therefore, I turn it off and on the power, and use the controller to turn on the PS4. Then the system scans again. As the system scans finished, the PS4 turn on normally. Then I tried to make simple solution to backup, I ejected the Blu-ray, CD and disconnect PS4 from WiFi network. I was able to backup all profile, games and save games.

After the backup... I tried to install the update again. Viola! The updated installed, and I thought all worries or trouble are gone. But as soon as I press the PS button, the system crashed. As usual, I turn off and on the power and turn on PS4 using controller. The PS4 unit scans the system again. When the PS4 system completed, it reported me a bad news. My PS4 got broken!!! Luckily I was able to back up all profile, games, and save games. Now the problem is I don't have PS4 4.7 update or full installer. I tried to look from the internet, but I can't find one. Then, I tried to adjust the search criteria to 24hrs, I was able to find the download link. I downloaded both, the update file and the installer. After I downloaded, I copied first the 4.70 update and tried to update on safe mode. But, the result is the same. The system still crashed. Then, the only solution left is to reinstall the full 4.70 installer. It was successfully installed and able to competed the system scan. After waiting some time, I was able to see the menu again. At first I don't have the problem of what so ever. But! When I'm trying to connect to the internet, my PS4 shut down again.

I was almost at my limit. But! I can't give up. Because my son and wife are waiting for me to fix the PS4. So, the only solution left is to look for another solution from the internet... Then I found one, "PS4 system update 4.70 causing freezing, crashing issues, possible fix detailed",I thought it was really the solution, because I was able to connect the PS4 to the internet and played Blu-ray CD Game. But after a while, the PS4 crashed again and I was able to notice a single beep sound before it shutdown! Now it made me wonder, what was really happening... As I tried to remove the left cover, I felt the PS4 unit is very hot. Therefore, for those guys are experiencing the same, please don't use your PS4 unit. Because, the more you tried to solve the problem or use your unit, the more it will become problematic later, it might break your PS4 unit. And I think the update is only compatible to PS4 Pro only, because most users who mentioned that they don't have a problem with the updates are the PS4 Pro owners. Again, if you love your PS4 and you don't want it to break it. Better not to use it for a while, and make a complain.

Final conclusion, they really boosted the performance of the PS4 and PS4 Pro. But! I think they forgot that the PS4 and PS4 Pro unit has different hardware component. For each unit has different specs and limitation. If boosting the performance are not the cause of this world wide spread problem, then what was it? Does all units has a problem before the updates. Then why most PS4 owners are experiencing the same problem. For a while we can't use our PS4, my son and wife are really annoyed. We need a rebate, especially to those PS Plus subscribers.


PS4 4.70 Links:
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Please download only if you know what you're doing, it might break your PS4. This update and installer are for PS4 Pro only.