Trending – Grab all you can in 156 secs!


The man in the video was totally awesome, he was able to grab the coolest merchandise and as many as he can. And he is not just grabbing one, he is grabbing a lot of each product. I bet he is going to share some to his parent or siblings, wife and child if ever he have. The most awesome thing he did was able to grab even a refrigerator, base from the color he grab, it could be for his mom or wife. I, myself was really amazed to what he did. I watched the video twice and even shared it to my family. I really envy him and wished that someday I could even experience that. That is something to be remember and tell a story to your family and to the next generation of your family, such as your grandchild. Which really showed as well that even you have such wonderful luck, you have to work hard as well to make sure your luck will be worth of more than something. Because if that man does not work hard to run as fastest as he could, and grab things as he could, the 156 seconds of grab all you can will be full of regrets.

From his idea, I will grab the Home Theater, big box of TV, and projector. Plus stack up for more on top of it. So that I don't need to carry some other things such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more... Actually his first idea was great, he push the box toward the starting line. But the only thing I think he might made a mistake is when he did not stack up for more things on top of it. May be it was heavy, we couldn't tell. But still! It was really great prizes and experience.

The question is... What would you do if you are that man, which one will you grab? Do you care to share your answer, please put a comment below.

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