Like to earn extra with your Android smartphone? Pera Swipe has it for you! – #Review & #Rewards

Like to earn extra with your Android smartphone? Pera Swipe has it for you! - #Review & #Rewards

Pera Swipe are for Philippines resident only,
and any Filipinos has an Android smartphone or tablet.

Pera Swipe is an android reward application that lets you earn points for every time you unlock your phone screen by swiping.


What are the rewards or prizes from this app?
The application will reward you base from the points you have accumulated from unlocking your smartphone. The following rewards are prepaid mobile load (Globe, Smart, and Sun network), Sodexo Mobile Pass, and other prizes.


How to earn points?
Earning points were easy, just unlock your phone by swiping it, join the daily or weekly event, invite your friends and ask them to use your login ID as referral ID. Also the more you swipe the more points you earn, plus you may upgrade your account character to provide you more points for each swipe you made.


Install instruction in 10 easy steps:

Android Smartphone or tablet are supported and very much compatible, I will be using a tablet for this guide. Tablet used: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

  1. Open your Google Play Store app. From the photo below, Google Play Store app is on the left side, while the Pera Swipe is on the right side.

    Pera Swipe: Home Screen - Google Play Store and Pera Swipe App Icon

  2. Search PERA SWIPE from Google Play Store.

    Pera Swipe: Play Store - Install Page

  3. Tap the install button to begin the download and installation. It will be installed very soon, and it won't even take a while to install. But depending to your internet speed and signal.

    Pera Swipe: Play Store - Installing App

  4. Once PERA SWIPE has completed the installation, tap "OPEN" button or tap the icon from the list of the application. This will open the application.

    Pera Swipe: Play Store - Open App

  5. Once the app is loaded, it will ask you to signup or login. Since this will be your first time, just tap the sign-up button.

    Pera Swipe: Signup Page

  6. Then on the next page, the application will ask you if you agree with the app Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, tap all "Agree" radio button and "NEXT" button.

    Pera Swipe: Agreements Page

  7. The next step will ask you to input your mobile phone number, tap "NEXT" when you're done with the input of your mobile number. This will send a 4 digit verification code to your mobile number.

    Pera Swipe: Mobile Number Registration

  8. Once you have received your 4 digit verification code, use this code to proceed to the next step.

    Pera Swipe: Mobile Number Verification

  9. On the next screen, you need to input your personal information, please input your real identity. Because you're going to need this later when claiming your rewards or prizes.

    Pera Swipe: User Registration

  10. Enter referral ID. It would be wise to input the referral ID, because your referral input will reward you a 500 points upon completion of the registration. If you don't have referral ID, please use mine, input "daddycomper", remove the qoute.

    Pera Swipe: Referral ID Input

Once you have completed the registration or signup. The app will show you the infographic guide on how to use Pera Swipe. Which is very easy to understand.

Pera Swipe - Infographic 3       Pera Swipe - Infographic 4

Pera Swipe - Infographic 1     Pera Swipe - Infographic 2


About icons means:

  • Home icon: On this page you will be able to view your points promotions, history, and events.

    Pera Swipe: Home Screen

    Pera Swipe: Home Screen

    Pera Swipe: Current Balance

    Pera Swipe: History and Current Balance

    Pera Swipe: Events and Promotions

    Pera Swipe: Events and Promotions

  • Reward Store icon: On this page you will be able to view the available rewards and points needed to claim the rewards. Also, the list of partner brands.
    Pera Swipe: Reward Store

    Pera Swipe: Reward Store

  • Coin icon: On this page you will be able to view another way to earn more points. But! The content are not yet accessible.
    Pera Swipe: Coin Icon, extra way to earn points

    Pera Swipe: Coin Icon, extra way to earn points

  • Plus icon: On this page you will be able to view the settings and supports.
    Pera Swipe: Plus icon or Settings Page

    Pera Swipe: Plus icon or Settings Page


Pera Swipe is a great app for every Filipinos that has Android smartphones and want to earn rewards while unlocking the Android smartphone. Plus you will learn about consumer products, services, social interest, news and a lot more... 


If you want to earn rewards or prizes, install the Pera Swipe now!

Click here to download "Pera Swipe" app

Don't forget to use daddycomper as referral ID



For more informations please visit Pera Swipe from the following links: Website: