A car that is perfect with your family



A car that is perfect with your family

Everyone would really like a perfect car for their family. Finding one is very difficult indeed. It's really hard which one to choose, since there a lot of things to consider and prioritize, not forget to mention most cars has attractive features and specification. But, sometimes we forget the important things which we need not just to consider, but rather we must value most.

In this article, I show you some pointers or tips how to choose your perfect car from Cars.com, and make you to easily narrow your choices.

First is... I want to remind everyone we don't need a car that has too much speed nor too slow, what we need is... a kind car that has a balance speed, very reliable, durable car, and has a lot of safety features. Which preferred by most parents, since there is a baby, toddler, or child on board.


Tips and/or pointers of choosing a car.

Child Safety
Every parents always prioritized the safety of their childs. Therefore, the first thing in the list should be always durability, realiability, and other things would help the parents to secure the child at the back seat. Especially for the baby, back seat must be ready for baby or child car seat, and booster seat. Also, window controler and permanent door lock push button.

When it comes to budget, it will help you a lot to narrow down your selections. But, always make some extra allowance for the budget, because you might find the perfect car for your family is much greater than the budget you have in mind.

Fuel Efficiency
Having a good fuel efficiency, will make the budgeting easy, especially most of the time you are going to use the car for going to school, market, mall, picnic, work, and any other family event which requires travel. Imagine how much you can save if your car has efficient fuel usage. Also, mostly every year or every other year the price of the gas are always increasing.

Style interior and exterior design
Every guy does loves stylish car, but this will be our least priority. Sedan are more common as a stylish car. But, what we need a car for the family that has much more benefits such as Pickup and SUV.

Used Car
If you're planning to purchase used car. You have to consider looking for mileage. The average mileage of a car is around 12,000 miles per year. Therefore, even a car was used for a year, but have a huge miles age bigger than 12000 miles. Then you have to consider for new options. Also, better to check as many as you can the wheel grip, brakes, and hand brake. 

Yes, everyone guys would love a very speedy car. But, think for a moment... Will you ever going to use those speeds? I guess your answer no. Because if you live in the city, you might experience a traffic every time. Also, if you still remember when you rode your father or uncle car, or even taxi and busses have you ever seen one driving to maximum speed. I'd guess not. It's because drivers always prioritize the safety of the passenger and traffic regulations. Therefore, you won't be needing a speedy car. What you need most a car has better acceleration, better road grip, and very much reliable. A car that won't let you down when the time are most needed.


The following are things needed most to consider when purchasing a car:

  • Child passenger safety regulation.
  • Car Collision Inssurance and Comprehensive inssurance.
  • Settle your finances and monthly budget, to avoid any inconvenience of not using your car.
  • Must have a "Baby Car Seat" or "Booster Seat" if you have a baby or toddler in the family.
  • Sometime window class is not covered by the insurance, please do check before signing the insurance form.
  • Sell your old car or totaled car to gain more cash on hand.



Here are some of the car that you might find it to your liking




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