Must Have Guitar Pedal

Must Have Guitar Pedal


If you're a guitarist, whether you are an amature or professional, guitar pedals is very essential and a must have accesories. Guitar pedals do is... It creates a dynamic and innovative electronic sound effects.

Must have guitar pedal are the following:

  1. Flanger Pedal
  2. Univibe Pedal
  3. Phase Shifter Pedal
  4. Compressor Pedal
  5. Volume Pedal
  6. Wah Pedal
  7. Analog Delay Pedal
  8. Digital Delay Pedal
  9. Tremolo Pedal
  10. Chorus Pedal
  11. Boost Pedal
  12. Overdrive Pedal
  13. Distortion Pedal
  14. Fuzz Pedal
  15. Octavia Pedal
  16. Reverb Pedal


If you are looking for tutorials and more information, check out Guitar Effect Survival Guide.

There you have it, have fun with your guitar pedal and produce an outstanding music. By the way, I recommend mxr guitar pedal, mxr available at Musicians Friend.