What to expect from ecommerce in 2018

What to expect from ecommerce in 2018


The world turns and evolves with every passing day. The ecommerce sector is certainly no stranger to this, with new trends and fads developing at all times. But what’s in the pipeline for 2018? Let’s explore four things to potentially expect next year.



  1. Hyper personalisation
    It’s been the dream of marketers for some time to be able to personally target one consumer with a direct campaign. Thanks to the wonders of modern tech, that’s now a possibility. Apple’s latest iPhone data has made it possible for facial recognition to take place. This could change the way users are marketed to forever.

  2. DIY platforms
    It’s becoming easier than ever for people to set up their own websites – and ecommerce certainly hasn’t fallen behind that trend. Tools like Shopify have made it so that anyone can create a site from a basic template and prosper. This allows them to achieve success with minimal effort.

  3. Snapchat marketing
    Social media tools were once restricted to non-work-related activities alone, but times have drastically changed. With B2B brands using Snapchat to market themselves, there’s no reason why an ecommerce website should avoid utilising the exact same technique. There’s an insanely large consumer base to pool from on the network, so it’s worth turning your attentions towards it.

  4. Voice purchase
    We’re really through the looking glass with this one. Just as facial recognition has changed how our bodies interact with tech, so too, it’s predicted, will our voices. We already have Siri, Alexa and Cortana, so who’s to say we won’t develop a means of speaking to our phones and making a direct purchase in the very near future?


Have these points opened your mine to the exciting range of possibilities for ecommerce in 2018? Remember, the only thing constant in life is change.



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