Honestbee for a Healthier Me



Every year I make it my resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle. The first few days are doable but the days that follow become a dread. Healthy food options are either too expensive or not readily available – reasons why I have a difficult time in attaining my goal. I haven’t been getting the results I wanted, so now I am more determined to stick to my resolution. Honestbee helps me achieve this with their food and grocery delivery app. Most of the food I need can be found there and all for a reasonable price. In fact, a lot of their partner stores are locally owned companies that sell fresh and organic products. There are also international products available on the app if that’s what you’re looking for.





At home, I mostly cook my own meals but I still use Honestbee.ph to have healthy snacks delivered. I really like eating mixed nuts and chips or dried fruit as an alternative to the junk food I was used to eating before. As much as possible, I try to bring my own lunch and snacks with me when I go out or go to work to avoid temptation. There are times though where I’m not able to prepare my own meals or forget to bring my snacks. My solution in situations like these is to go through Honestbee’s healthy food section. It shows me a list of stores that serve the food I’m looking for, which varies from sandwiches to salads, to different greens and protein. There are also gluten-free dishes and smoothies that are great for my diet. My desired lifestyle has been easier achieve thanks to this app!  



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