If footwear, its Adidas!

Adidas: Custom Made Shoes


Most of the time we wear footwear on our feet, or everyone worn footwear since their early age. Whether in the form of socks, sandals, or shoes. But did you know footwear has a long history, the researcher found a 5000 years old footwear. As the year pass by, footwear are always evolving. It evolve to various design, style, and categories. We all know the purpose of footwear is to protect our feet. But now days footwear has many other features, such as comfort, design, style, colors, and more...


Adidas Shoes is one of the popular brand for footwear, and for apparel as well. Its known as most iconic three stripes in the world. Also, a multinational corporation, largest manufacturer in Europe, and second leading brand in the world. They manufacture a casual footwear to sports footwear, and other apparel, such as clothes, accessories, and even perfume.


Adidas product can be seen everywhere, whether from billboards, people garments, commercial, or sports event. Even me, I have my own Adidas shoes, socks, shirt, and even brief. Also, its one of the trusted brand in the world, used in sports, worn and promoted by the celebrities.


Adidas has "Boost" and "NMD". The "Boost" is a cushioning innovation of our time and one of the few technologies in recent years that really made a difference. While NMD, is the most successful sneaker design on the planet right now. Therefore, if you're looking for sneaker, you know what to look, look for Adidas sneaker.




In addition.. Adidas lets you to design your own shoes or sneaker. Its known as "Customizable Adidas", "Customize your own sneakers", "Design your own Adidas", some say "Create your own Adidas shoes". The concept needs you to use internet and visit their website or use their app. You will begin first by selecting which category: running, orginal, or basketball. Then select your shoes design, change the design color, and even add a personalized text within or some part of the shoes. Also, the custom made shoes will be free delivery and shipped within 3 to 5 weeks upon order, but its available only in United States. I don't know the details if its available too ship it to other country.




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