Theme: Family: Light in the Darkness
June 16, 2018

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City



1. Showcase the gift of the family, its dignity and high calling
2. Recognizing the challenges families go through today, provide tools that will help couples and families confront
these challenges in the form of workshops/breakout sessions
3. Exhort families to work together and persevere in building strong, Christ-centered families that will build a
strong, Christ-centered society


Part 1: Family Is a Gift

1. The family is a gift.

a. Children are born from an act of mutual self-gift; the family is the first environment where we are received as a gift and where we become a gift to another.
b. Being a gift is being in communion. The marriage of husband and wife is the symbol of the communion of the Trinity and the communion of Christ and the Church. Through their mutual self- gift and life-giving union, children are born.


2. The family is called to be a gift to others outside of it, to other families and to those in need of a family’s love, by being a light that reveals God’s plan for humanity. In a world surrounded by so much darkness, the family is called to shine Christ’s light of truth and hope amidst:

a. Secularism – God has been removed from how we live our lives
b. Relativism – each one dictates his own truth and morality
c. A technological culture that threatens genuine communion and leads to isolation

3. As families we don’t just exist for ourselves; we don’t secure the welfare only of our own children. We exist in a community of families that interact and depend on one other; the weakness of one part affects the whole body.

4. Strong families begin with strong marriages.

a. Marriage is where husband and wife make a total gift of self to each other and become fruitful.
b. Strong marriages allow the light of the family to shine more brightly as it illuminates the way for the children and the future generations, and for other families around it.

Speaker: Fr. Joel Jason, Commissioner on Family and Life, Archdiocese of Manila. Professor of Fundamental Moral Theology, Sexuality and Integrity, Bioethics, and Special Moral Theology at San Carlos Seminary. Parish priest at the Mary Mirror of Justice Parish in Comembo, Makati.


Part 2: Strong Marriages, Strong Families

c. Strong families do not just happen. They require hard work, time, and a solid sense of
connectedness between spouses.

Speaker: Lissy Ann Puno, counseling psychologist and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in private practice in Singapore where she is the co-founder of the International Counseling and Psychology Centre; has 25 years of experience working on psychological health and wellness in the US, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and now Singapore; author of “Affairs Don’t Just Happen” a book on protecting marriages and long-term relationships; workshop presenter for the “Getting the Love You Want” couples workshop.


Part 3: Family: A Light in the Darkness

5. The family is threatened but not helpless. As families we will not allow the darkness to overwhelm us and extinguish our light.

a. Parents need to take charge of the future and welfare of their families while also working to help other families.
b. Parents and children need to be equipped with practical, relevant ways to work together to address issues that beset them and the culture in which they live.
c. Families working together create a bigger, brighter light that will reveal and bring to reality God’s plan for His children.


6. Strong, Christ-centered families together build a strong, Christ-centered society.

Speaker: Bro. Melo Villaroman, CFC Chairman; Operating Vice-President, United Laboratories


Breakout sessions: Shining the Light on:


1. Parenting the Digital Generations

a. What makes each generation different
b. The digital generations’ virtual and real worlds
c. How this affects how they think and act
d. Dangers to guard against (including the problem of porn)
e. What families can do to protect their children and promote family unity in a highly technological

Speaker: Ms. Pauline Fermin, Managing Director of Acumen, a Makati-based strategy consultancy and training company. She has led projects for top multinational and local companies as well as overseen research related to media and marketing. Acumen recently conducted an ethnographic research among 4 generations: Gen Z (teens), Gen Y (Millenials), Gen X and Baby Boomers. They identified the similarities and differences in the psyche of each of these generations.

She and her husband Jingo have 5 children with ages ranging from 10 to 22. Both of them are active Parent Coordinators in their children's schools and very involved in Parenting seminars and workshops.


2. Real Intimacy in Marriage

a. How important is intimacy in a marriage?
b. What role does sexual intimacy play in the life of husband and wife?
c. How can couples keep the fire of sexual intimacy alive and burning in their marriage?
d. What issues related to intimacy do many couples face and how can they deal with them?

Speaker: Lissy Ann Puno, counseling psychologist and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in private practice in Singapore where she is the co-founder of the International Counseling and Psychology Centre; has 25 years of experience working on psychological health and wellness in the US, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and now Singapore; author of “Affairs Don’t Just Happen” a book on protecting marriages and long-term relationships; workshop presenter for the “Getting the Love You Want” couples workshop.


3. Dealing with Depression in the Family

a. Understanding depression, its signs and symptoms, causes
b. Debunking myths about depression
c. Prevention and treatment options
d. What families can do to support a family member with depression

Speaker: Dr. Maria Teresa Gustilo Villasor, PhD, Licensed Clinical, Assessment and Developmental Psychologist with private practice in clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy; faculty at the Center for Family Ministries , East Asian Pastoral Institute , The Asian Social Institute and conducts training in Psychological First Aid, Stress Management/Critical Incident Stress Debriefing.


4. Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Identity: Issues and Answers

a. Understanding SSA and gender dysphoria
b. What’s normal and what’s not; what brings about SSA
c. The modern world’s response to SSA and GD
d. What the Church teaches about SSA and GD
e. Our response as a Catholic family – accompanying family members with SSA and GD

f. Our response as a Church – accompanying brothers and sisters with SSA and GD


Speaker Edwin Valles, current president of Courage Philippines, the Catholic apostolate for persons who experience same sex attraction; currently taking up his Masters in Theology at the Don Bosco Center of Studies, an affiliate of the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome; marketer by profession.


5. Beyond the Birds and the Bees: Chastity and Sexuality Education in the Family

a. What is the role of parents in their children’s sex/chastity education?
b. How should parents teach their children about sex?
c. How can parents form their children in chastity from the early years to the teen years?

Speaker: Sis. Joy Katigbak, CFC leader; completed courses in the Theology of the Body given by Christopher West, Fr. Joel Jason, and Katrina Zeno; gives talks on TOB and chastity for couples, parents, singles, teachers, and students; mother of four


6. Joy in the 50s and 60s

a. What to expect in the menopause and andropause stages
b. Symptoms to watch out for; possible medical problems and treatment options available
c. Staying healthy in the menopause/andropause years
d. How can this stage affect a married couple’s relationship with each other and with their children?
e. Living the years of menopause and and ro pause with joy and hope


Speaker: Dr. Cheridine O. Josef, Family Physician and Geriatrician; Diplomate and Fellow of the Phil College of Geriatric Medicine and Phil Academy of Family Physicians. Successful Aging advocate and active community organizer. Founder of Above 60 Academy and Teen Academy of Marikina. Promotes Mindful Aging for senior citizens to deal and cope with the aging process.


7. Special Families with Special Needs

a. What are special needs?
b. What do you do when you find out your child has special needs?
c. What struggles do families with children with special needs face and how can they deal with them?
d. Practical advice for dealing with day-to-day situations
e. How can families support a family member with special needs?
f. What resources are available for families with special needs? (Support groups, associations, school options, doctors, etc.)

Speaker: Sis. Rachel Arguelles, Mother of 2 teenagers with autism; Teacher; Inclusion advocate; Core group member, Best Buddies Philippines; CFC leader; Committee member, Miss Possibilities Foundation


8. Show Me the Money: How to Build a Stable Financial Future as a Family

a. How husband and wife can work together to manage family finances optimally while maintaining peace, trust, and harmony in their relationship
b. Practical financial advice for young families: budgeting, saving, investing; involvement of children
c. Things a couple needs to know about borrowing and lending


Speaker: Bong Arjonillo, President and Director, First Metro Investment Corporation; Chairman, First Metro Securities Corporation; former President and Director, Money Market Association of the Philippines and former Vice-President of the ACI Financial Markets Association; father of four; CFC Board of Elders member


9. Look Who’s Talking: Focus on Family Dinner Conversations

a. What role do family dinner conversations play in the life of a family?
b. How can this simple tool help strengthen bonds in the family?
c. How can parents, especially fathers, promote open communication with their children especially through family meal conversations?


Speaker: Robert Labayen, father of 5, grandfather of 3; CFC leader; Head of Creative Communications Management at ABS-CBN; former VP-Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi and Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson


10. Coping with Infertility/Hope in Adoption

Coping with Infertility

a. What is infertility?
b. What causes infertility? When is it permanent or temporary?
c. What are the options available for couples dealing with infertility?
d. What are the moral and ethical issues surrounding options like IVF or artificial insemination? What other (ethical) options are available?
e. What struggles do infertile couples go through? How can their families, friends, and community accompany them?

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Capitulo, MD, Fellow, Obstetrical and Gynecological Society; Fellow, International Fellowship on Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology; Assistant Professor IV-B, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center; Medical Specialist and Chief-of-Clinics, Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital; Feast Builder, The Feast SM Manila; Board Member, Filipinos for Life, Family and God; Board Member and Treasurer, Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc. Hope in Adoption

a. Why is adoption a real option? How does one go about the adoption process?
b. What are some legitimate institutions couples interested in adoption can approach?
c. What legal rights do adopted children have?
d. Some success stories of adoptive families
e. Important guidelines/advice for families with adopted children

Speaker: Atty. Grace Panagsagan, Senior Partner, Platon Martinez Flores San Pedro & Leaño Law Office; practices corporate and family law; ranked as a leading lawyer in the field of labor and employment; professorial lecturer, U.P. College of Law; member, Integrated Bar of the Philippines and was elected President of the IBP Makati Chapter for the term 2011-2013; Bachelor of Laws, U.P. College of Law; CFC leader together with husband Manny; mother of three.


11. Dealing with Crisis in Marriage

a. What is a crisis and when does it often occur in a marriage? What usually causes a crisis?

b. How can couples deal with a crisis together and emerge stronger and more equipped to face the future together?

Speakers: Hon. Jimmy and Beth Guray, Family Court judges; parents of ___; CFC leaders; Regional Trial Court judges since 2001 and 2005, respectively



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