Which dating method better, traditional, modern, or online?

Which dating method better, traditional, modern, or online?

Whether you're single, window, or widower you might be looking to connect someone or to have a partner in life. But nowadays, there is three methods available for dating. Which is the traditional dating, modern dating, and online dating.

"Traditional Dating", is an old fashion way of dating, where you will meet a person face to face, and the guy will ask the girl for a date. The date started from the guy fetch the women from home, then dine to restaurant, and watch movie in cinema or theater. But mostly the person recommended by your parent, sibling, family relative, friend(s), or some you know, like you boss or supervisor. It might be someone we met outside recently, such as our classmate, co-worker, or someone we bump from the outdoor. In short someone you knew or close to your circle.

"Modern dating", you still need to meet the person in face to face, but the rules have changed and less clear. Modern date might consist of meeting someone from a café, art museum, near the subway or bus station, or somewhere that both of you know. Then, dine first in the café or restaurant. Then, decide where to go, it could be arcade center, amusement park, dating park, regular park, shopping mall, cinema, karaoke bar, comedy bar, watch live sport event or live concert, and etc... But mostly to impress someone using different method than the traditional dating.

While the "Online Dating", has many various kind of ways to meet or date online, you could connect from social media website or dating website. Social media dating is free to use, while the dating website has free and paid services. But the main purpose is to connect through chat and sometime email messages.


If you're going to ask the online coach or dating experts, which is the best method for dating. Most of them will likely to answer the "Online Dating". Why? Because online dating has more to offer compared to other two method of dating. Also, free dating website are much more prefered according to consumer report survey. But be warned, some mistakenly the dating website as sex dating sites, which is really untrue. Because sex is just one part of the dating process, but it depends to the couple or partner whether they will have sex or not. For more information about free or paid online dating, please visit MommyComper's "Which type of online dating better?".


Difference of the three Dating Method?

  • How many people you can connect or meet?
    Traditional & modern dating has fewer people to meet, and you need to travel a lot to meet new people. While in online dating, with just a push of mouse button or tap of your finger, you can see a lot of people who are looking for someone just like you to connect.

  • Most people will prefer?
    Traditional & modern dating still been in use of some folks out there, but there is more people use the online dating.

  • Budget wise?
    Traditional & modern dating cost too much, because mostly you need show how very much appealing you are. While online dating, you only need to use computer browser or smartphone to build your profile and connect to the people around the globe.

  • When it comes in exchanging words which is better?
    Traditional & modern dating limit the words we say or ask. While in online dating, it is easier to ask and answer question, and most people can build their courage easily, since you are not in face to face with the person you are connecting with.

  • Which is safer?
    Traditional & online dating is much safer because you can easily reject meeting someone in person easily. While modern dating, might be less secured, because some people who are using this method are looking for an adventure to impress their partner.

  • Which one has more successful dates and relationship?
    Since the online dating has more options and benefits compared to traditional and modern dating, people are often to choose it. Therefore, online dating produce more successful dates and relationship.


Once the online dating is successful, and you're ready to meet the person in person, you may still use the traditional or modern dating for your face to face meet up. Especially if you wish to have an intimate or serious relationship.


There you have it, I hope it helped you and answer the most common question. If not, please leave the comment, and I will do my best to get back on to you.



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