Reasons for looking older than your age and how to improve it

Reasons for looking older than your age and how to improve it

Some working women or single parent women look older than their age. Some reasons are... They lost their confidence for various reasons. For the married women, they have too much confidence that their husband loves them so much. Others set aside their looks because they believe their looks does not matter anymore or they are too much busy to make themselves look good. Especially for the widow, who needs to work and take care of the house and children. Some of their body proportion changed after giving birth. Some believe as you grow older looks does not really matter at all, because good looks will never make anyone more successful, nicer, smarter, better in bed, funnier, or anything that fit your standards.

But the truth is... look does still matter a lot. Because your looks can make yourself be more pleasant, attractive, approachable, responsible, confident, healthy, and desirable. Some people judge someone by their looks. I'm sure you don't want to be judged by someone important to you as irresponsible because you forgot to look better, or you don't love yourself because you don't take care of yourself. You don't need to be a bitch when you want to be beautiful and sexy.

Before you make your wife or yourself (for the women) to be beautiful from the outside, start first with the undergarments. Such as bras, underwear, or tanks shirt. If you're looking which brand, try Knix, its one of the leading brand that holds innovative design, especially their Evolution Bra that helps to improve in any aspect of your life. They do have Knixteen as well, undergarments for teens. To know more about Knix evolution bra watch the video below.



Do you know the benefits and disadvantage in making yourself looks good? Below is the list that I can think of.


Benefits good looks:

  • You will be happier
  • Gain more accomplishment
  • You will gain more friends
  • Raise your self-confidence
  • More people will trust you
  • You will be more persuasive
  • Get the presentation approval
  • People first impression will be great
  • Get promoted or land a better job
  • Get a greater degree of credibility in the eyes of others
  • and a lot more...


The disadvantage of good looks:

  • Some people think having good looks means you're stupid
  • Sometimes some of your friends are fakes
  • Some will think that you are very sexually experienced
  • People look at you as you don't problems
  • Some will look at you as one of the luckiest people for having a good looks
  • People tend to gather more around you

After making yourself beautiful and sexy in your undergarments, it's about time to evolve more in making yourself more beautiful and sexy on the outside. I or my wife will discuss this in another article.



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