What is bandage dress and its difference to bodycon dress?

What is bandage dress and its difference to bodycon dress?

The Bodycon dress is often mistaken as a bandage dress, and both dresses have the same style and showing off or highlighting the feminine curve and bust line. But the truth is there is a huge difference between the two. Below you will learn what is bandage dress and its difference to a bodycon dress.

The bandage dress is made to be durable or sturdy and tight. The design is made to fit your body as if your second skin. While the bodycon dress is a close fitting garment that hugs the body like gloves and does not support your body curves. But it has a relaxed fit and lighter fabric compare do bandage dress. Mostly the bodycon worn during the warmer season.


The difference of bandage dress and bodycon dress:

  • Bandage Dress
    • Tight fitting dress
    • Very much sexy dress and follow the body curves.
    • Stretchable fabric and supports your body curves.
  • Bodycon Dress
    • Figure hugging dress
    • Does have a sexy design but does not follow your curves.
    • Has lighter fabric and designed for summer and spring season.


Are there different types of bandage dress?

Yes, there is, the standard weave, jacquard weave, and foil weave. Standard weave provides thickness and luster to the dress. While the jacquard weave, the pattern is woven to the dress itself. But the foil weave can be easily identified because the weave is made from metallic foil. The foil weave mostly made in silver or gold color. Below some of the samples of a Bandage & Bodycon Dress.

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