Battle the Sunny Days and Heat!


In the Philippines, we only have two extreme weathers: the scorching heat and the terrifying storms. We usually experience the former and I would honestly prefer it that the latter. However, sometimes it’s also too unbearable and we want to make things lighter and cooler for ourselves.


1) Shade For Your Body


            They say that only Filipinos use umbrellas as protections for the heat. Well, they can’t blame us. Sometimes, the sun can be so hot that it feels as if it’s physically needling into our skin. Yes, that’s how much it hurts and all Filipinos can testify to this. Having an umbrella is a must whether it’s rainy season or sunny.


2) Protect Your Eyes!


            We should also always protect our eyes! You can use a cap or any of your Sorrento Sunwear shades to protect your eyes from the extreme light from the sun. It won’t fully cover your face from the heat but at least your eyes are protected.


3) Put a Barrier or Shield for Your Skin


            Refrain from using oil based sunblocks or sunscreens as it can make your skin feel sticky and you will surely be uncomfortable with the situation. However, do not forget to use a sunblock to protect your skin from extreme UV rays. Consult your dermatologist on the best product for the hot weather.


4) Cool Down Your Body


            Always have water to keep yourself hydrated and prevent heat stroke. Also, never forget to bring a fan with you wherever you go!



These are the most important things for battle the heat in the Philippines. Be sure to follow these and have the essential items to prevent any serious problems!



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