Have a Feast at Mesa Eastwood


Among the Filipino dining choices at Eastwood Mall, Mesa Filipino Moderne is simply one of the best because the authenticity of Filipino cuisine is preserved even in the elevated dishes. The interior is contemporary with hints of our heritage that brings a familiar homey ambiance. For some of the best-tasting food you’ll ever eat, it’s also reasonably priced.


This restaurant gives our favorite home-cooked dishes a modern twist that’s enjoyable for the Filipino and International palettes. Priding on being the first and only grill-restaurant, eating at Mesa is an experience in itself that should be shared with loved ones.


For starters, the Baked Scallops with Garlic Butter is a delightful appetizer, and so is the Hito Flakes on Spoon. These seafood goodness are light enough to get you through the next course and satisfying enough that it won’t disappoint.


Swahe on the Rocks is another one of those dishes that customers look forward to when they dine at Mesa. The cooking is done at your table where shrimp is placed on hot rocks and then covered. In a matter of time, your shrimp is done and ready to be consumed.  


Of course, what’s a Filipino meal if there’s no inihaw. The Inihaw Sampler is great for sharing and includes grilled chicken leg quarter, squid, liempo, bangus belly, mussels, shrimps, and pork bbq. Not bad, right?


And lest we forget about the soup. Mesa’s Chicken Binakol is a must-try that marries savory chicken broth with fresh coconut juice. Served in a coconut shell, this dish resembles the Tinola.


While their Crispchon is undoubtedly their best seller, this dish is best saved for last. Served two ways, this roasted pig dish is cut up at your table. One method is similar to the Peking Duck where the crispy pig will be wrapped in Pandan leaves and dipped in your choice of sauces. The second method tosses the remainder of the meat in chili garlic to be enjoyed as a stir-fried dish.


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