Tips to Always Make a Fashion Statement



Fashion is something we are all familiar with, we know it, and we practice it. In our everyday lives, we embody what fashion is to ourselves. It may vary from person to person depending on one’s taste and upbringing. Someone who grew up in a conservative environment has a different taste from someone who grew up in a more liberated environment. Nevertheless, all of us can use a tip or two.



1) Wear something you are comfortable in.


There are clothes and fashion items that you will be uncomfortable in. In the Philippines, there is a saying that goes Tiis-Ganda used when you are not comfortable but wear it for the sake of beauty. Fashion and functionality should always go hand in hand. If there is an item you want to try but aren’t comfortable in, don’t immediately dive into it, take baby steps and you’re well on your way!



2) Keep It Simple!


You don’t need to pile on accessory after accessory to make a statement. Remember, you are not a Christmas tree to be filled with fashion ornaments. Try to keep it simple by using your favorite bangle and amp it up by grabbing your favorite Sorrento Sunwear Shades! Those two items can make a huge difference without the need to piling on too much accessories.



3) Always Have Fun!


Fashion should be about having fun! Just because something is not “in” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Don’t always go with the trend, instead be a trendsetter. The world is your runway and you should show everyone what you’re made of.



Keep slaying the streets, your runway, girl! With these tips, you’ll surely be the next trendsetter!



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