Treating Chickenpox in Children: Things to Keep in Mind

Treating Chickenpox in Children: Things to Keep in Mind

Chickenpox is caused as a result of the varicella virus and it is known to run the course for 5 to 10 days. However, the itchy rashes on your body that are caused due to the virus can make you feel unwell for a really long time. However, there are a number of things that you can do for your child to ease the pain that he is going through. You should be extremely careful about the treatment that you are giving your child so that the body can heal in a fast and painless manner.


Ask your children to avoid scratching the rashes
There is a lot of difference when an adult suffers from chickenpox and a kid goes through the same. An adult will understand that he should not scratch the rashes no matter how much irritation they cause. It is difficult for the kids to control their urge to itch the rashes. In this case, you should warn your kids to tap on the rash instead of scratching it. Ensure that you are giving a cool bath of oatmeal to your child. Make him wear loose clothes so that the skin is able to breathe.


Keep your child in a cool environment
If your child remains in a hot environment, it is obvious that he will sweat. Sweat makes the skin even more irritated and increases the urge to itch the bumps. This can lead to severe infections. You should use cool and wet washcloths on the super itchy areas of your kid's skin to keep his skin calm.


Staying hydrated
Ensure that you are giving plenty of fluids to your kid to keep his body hydrated. Furthermore, drinking lots of fluid can help to get rid of the varicella virus fast. You should give juices or water to your kid instead of sodas or other sugary drinks. There are chances that your child will also have the rashes inside his mouth. Drinking soda can lead to an itchy and burning sensation, which will be extremely painful for your child.


Giving proper food
You should take care of the nutrition of your child as they become very weak when infected with the varicella virus. Also, you should not give spicy, salty, or hard foods, which will make the mouth of your kids sore.


Visiting the doctor at regular intervals
Visiting the doctor at regular intervals is necessary for your kids. It helps in monitoring the condition of the child. The doctor also performs a thorough check-up and if he finds it necessary, he may also change certain medicines.

Most of the doctors suggest that the patient goes through the ELISA test so that they can detect if the varicella virus has left the body of the patient. To understand how the test is conducted, you can gather information from


Your kid is likely to go through a lot of pain when he is suffering from chickenpox. But, it is your duty to make things easy and relaxing for him. Consider all the tips that are mentioned above if you want your kid to get well soon.



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