End of the year 2018 is around the corner, and yet you’re still single

End of the year 2018 is around the corner, and yet you're still single

There is nothing in the world will ever replace the love, sweetness, and caress of someone you loved dearest. Do you remember there is an old saying "no man is an island"? It means no one can be self-sufficient, everyone needs a friend, lover, partner in life and a lot of other things. Therefore, if you are still single and looking for someone to date online, this article is right for you. But first... do you know anything about "Hertfordshire"?


About Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire county is located just north of London and accessible by train as well. The area is quite suburban in character and has the third highest population density for a non-metropolitan county after Surrey and Berkshire which are similarly suburban in nature. There is so much to do in Hertfordshire, and the most popular activity is watching sports such as football or rugby.


Things to do in Hertfordshire:

  • Visit Museum
  • Visit and eat food from The Stable Yard
  • Visit and enjoy the picnic at Hertford Castle
  • Sightseeing of the beautiful Nature Reserve
  • Watch an open-air cinema
  • Dance ‘til dawn at Standon Calling
  • Visit the enchanted forest of Ashridge Estate
  • Enjoy a carnival at the Castle
  • Walking and Cycling in Hertford
  • Rock concerts and Gothic architecture at Knebworth House
  • Explore Hogwarts' Great Hall at Warner Bros. Studio Tour
  • Get into the festive spirit at Hertford Christmas Gala
  • Enjoy a pint in ‘England’s oldest pub’
  • Go picnicking at Rye House Gatehouse
  • Enjoy a brass band concert at Hertford Castle
  • and a lot more...


Maybe you don't know, there is a lot of single people in Hertfordshire, Whether a single parent, single senior, retired single, or divorced single everyone is still longing for someone to love and be cared. If you are one of them or looking for dating site. Then, maybe dating sites in Hertfordshire is right for you. Since, registration takes less than one minutes. They covered over 260 locations in Hertfordshire's dating site . Even you are over 50s dating online still around the corner, or if you are looking for a mature and older dating. You might like to try "Older-Dating" website.


Question: Is it safe to date online?
It depends on the information you are providing. Whether online or not, there is no safe place anywhere, especially if you gave all your personal information or belongings. Therefore, always remember not to give your personal information online, unless if you know the person literally.


Tips to be on the safe side while using "dating online" website or app:

  •  Ask him or her social media profile, and check using Google or Linkedin website.
  • Be smart, create a set of question to ask, but not too intrusive.
  • Don't trust the pictures you received online.
  • Ask your online partner to do video chat with you.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, be cautious and think more than twice.
  • Don't be afraid for misunderstanding and differences.
  • Tell your family and friends about your online relationship.
  • Be honest but be discreet to what you say.
  • If you're going to meet, meet him/her on the public.
  • Sometimes trusting your instinct is better to follow it.
  • If you are visiting or meeting your partner online, let your family & friends know about it before leaving. Also, call them when you arrived at your meeting place.
  • Don't send money online if you don't know your partner well.


Hopefully, this article was able to help you to find someone to date online, and maybe in the future, he or she will be your partner in life. Also, for being safe on dating online.



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