Best Way To Clean Leather Riding Gear



As a biker, you and your leather jacket have probably developed an intimate relationship over many tumultuous and thrilling rides. These adventures typically leave marks behind, such as smells, dirt and grime. To keep your bond as eternal as it should be, it’s important to care for your leather like you would a close friend. Follow these simple steps to clean up your street bike jackets when they’re looking a little rough around the edges.





Unless your body is incredibly heat-resistant, you are going to sweat when you ride on hot days. Sweat leaves salt in your motorcycle riding gear, which can stain and smell if you let it build up too long. The outside of your jacket may also be littered with gook and grime from dead bugs to road debris.



For obvious spots, take a wet rag and squeeze some water over the area to let the offending stain get moist. You don’t want to submerge it; just enough to loosen the gunk. Then, wipe it away with a dry cloth.





Now that you’ve removed the obvious debris, it’s time to cleanse the surface. For this, you’ll want to find a good leather shampoo. Again, you’ll use a rag or sponge to apply the cleanser in circular movements rather than setting the leather completely in water. Doing this can ruin your jacket!





Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your jacket, you have more step to restore it to its immaculate beauty. Leather can dry out, especially after it’s cleaned, so it’s important to moisturize the material with a leather conditioner. This helps it maintain its soft and smooth texture.



Now that your jacket is clean and fresh, you can suit up for another long drive. When you give your leather some much-needed TLC, you can hit the road in flawless style that may just last forever.



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