Find a Home in the South



Are you tired of the bustle of the city? Think you should move elsewhere? Maybe you should consider purchasing a home in Southern Luzon. We’re all aware of how expensive it is to live in Metro Manila and it’s not going to get cheaper anytime soon which is why homebuyers are starting to seek homes outside of the urban jungle. If you need more convincing, below are the reasons why you should buy your next home in the south.



It’s a Developing Area

It may not be as urbanized but it still has everything you need; shopping malls, international schools, and even a central business district. What’s more is getting to and from the place isn’t difficult thanks to the Metro Manila Skyway, SLEX, the Star Tollway, and the recently opened MCX. What’s more is that there are plenty of real-estate options that are suited for new and seasoned home buyers alike. You can say goodbye to the heavy traffic in EDSA and race to your new home in the south.



Closer to the Beach and Other Amusements

If you’re one who often hits the road to get to the beach then you’ll be in for a treat when you move to South Luzon. Get to the beaches of Batangas and Quezon in half the time for that quick getaway. You also won’t be too far from the hot springs of Laguna and nearby amusement parks like the Enchanted Kingdom and Splash Island. Calmar Land offers residential lots in these areas so that you wouldn’t have to trouble yourself with long commutes.



Cleaner Environment

Because it’s away from the city, there is less polluted air that’s caused by factories and the thousands of cars that pass by the roads each day. The greenery in the province is not only good for the environment, but it will provide you and your family breathable air. Apart from that, the cities here are either flood-free or the least flooded which could be credited to the land slopes, effective drainage system and the banning of plastic materials.





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