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You can save more from your online purchase using cashback. Cashback is a financial transaction where you can get back a small amount of percentage or reward from your online purchase using a credit card or debit card. Mostly cashback apply on an online transaction where you purchase goods online, whether is apparels, cosmetics, electronics, or other things that you will purchase using a referral link and your credit or debit card. Some view it as a way to increase more savings.


I know some of you are already shopping online, because of the benefits it brings and other features, such as for being so much convenient. Also, some may be already familiar with the cashback website. But whether you are a new or old user of cashback, I would like to introduce to all of you another cashback portal, which is Jewel cashback website. Jewel is cash back home of luxury retailers and brands in fashion, home, beauty, travel, and more. It has over 350 brand partners, having just recently added St. John Knits, Nike, Samsung, and 25 more. Members can earn up to 15% cash back on brands like these that they're already shopping online.


Jewel Website

Jewel Website (image source: usejewel.com)

Why do you need cashback?
Because whenever you shop online it's better to check first on Jewel website if your favorite online store is an affiliate. Jewel can get the best online shopping discounts for whatever you buy! You can even discover new shops to buy things from. And the best thing from it you can get a reward from your purchase.


How does Jewel work?
According to their website... The brands pay Jewel a commission for referring them business. Jewel then shares the majority of that commission with you! Jewel wants to help you find and discover new luxury brands, while also helping you earn cash back at the same time.


What do I need first to use Jewel?

  • Visit Jewel website & signup. (https://usejewel.com/)
  • Confirm your account from your email address.
  • Then you're ready to begin your shopping online.


How to use Jewel:

  • Login first using your email address as your login username.
  • Choose which product categories or online stores, then click your preferred online store.
  • Once redirected to online store, stay put on single window/browser tab.
  • Don't use or click online store coupon or discount.
  • Use only the discount that Jewel provide.
  • Don't forget to enable cookies on your device (computer, phone, or tablet).


Final conclusion, I don't see any reason not to use Jewel service, since from the first place they can give a huge opportunity to save more. And it will not only help you, but it will also help even your family to get a quality product, services, and more savings from the online purchase. For more information, reference, or inquiry please visit this page, Jewel's FAQ.


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