5 Filipino Actors to Watch in 2019

5 Filipino Actors to Watch in 2019(source: pixabay.com

Show business moves fast, and in an industry that's thriving in the Philippines it's no surprise to see dozens of faces and projects come and go in the span of a few months. Filipinos are full of talent, so it's no surprise that the entertainment industry is one place where actors, directors, set designers, writers, and other creatives can stretch their imagination and skills to the fullest. And as everyone knows, almost every great film or television show needs a good leading man. Here's a quick and easy list of some Filipino actors with big projects this 2019.


JC SantosJC Santos (source: www.instagram.com)

Theater heartthrob JC Santos has made waves both onstage and onscreen, and this actor's star is definitely on the rise. The Ang Probinsyano actor has a slew of different film, stage, and television credits to his name, as well a growing number of endorsement deals. Fans of JC can look forward to seeing him in Bradley Liew's internationally-produced horror film Motel Acacia. Set for a 2019 release, Liew's sophomore film has JC in the role of a son set to inherit a motel with a haunted bed.


Arjo AtaydeArjo Atayde (source: www.instagram.com)

Arjo Atayde has been slowly but surely building his career in recent years, with roles in long-running shows that have made him a household name all over the Philippines. While the actor recently made waves in local news after revealing his relationship with variety show princess Maine Mendoza, he's also got the skills and talent to back it all up. You can watch him flex his acting muscles in Ice Idanan's romantic film Stranded (2019), where he stars alongside Jessy Mendiola.


Joshua GarciaJoshua Garcia (source: www.instagram.com)

BNY Jeans' Joshua Garcia has been top-billing film and television roles in the past couple of years. His meteoric rise to stardom can be attributed to his boyish charm and incredible chemistry with onscreen and real life partner Julia Barretto. With a number of TV and movie credits under his belt, Josh has definitely proved he's no flash in the pan. While he's primarily worked on more romantic dramas, fans can look forward to Josh stretching his acting muscles as he and Julia take on Mikhail Red's Block Z (2019). To be released this December 2019, the film will be a fresh take on the zombie thriller genre, and fans can bet that Josh will shine.


James ReidJames Reid (source: www.instagram.com)

Despite his young age, James Reid is practically Philippine show business royalty. With sold-out concerts, blockbuster films, critically-acclaimed performances, and legions of fans, James is absolutely at the top of his game right now. Alongside love team partner and girlfriend Nadine Lustre, this young man has taken the opportunity to stretch his artistic wings. He's worked on his music, acting, and art in the years since his debut, and it shows. You can look forward to him taking on the role of comic book character Pedro Penduko in 2019!


Xian LimXian Lim (source: www.instagram.com)

With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, Xian Lim is solidly successful in the Philippine entertainment industry. The model, singer, host, director, actor, and professional basketball player has taken on a ton of roles, both onscreen and offscreen. His charming smile and unassuming aura have made him a fan favorite across the country, and you can look forward to seeing him in a lot more roles in the future. This year, Xian takes on a more poignant role in Hanggang Kailan? (2019), showing just how much he's matured as an actor.



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