Win Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera #Giveaway (US)

Kodak Printomatic

Kodak Printomatic (source:




Picture-Perfect Prints
A 10MP lens, automatic focus, and flash ensure each 2ʺx3ʺ print captures every detail, every time.

Print in an Instant
The PRINTOMATIC instantly and automatically prints out pics the moment you take them.

Pocket-Sized and Portable
The PRINTOMATIC is ready to go when you are. Add a strap and a case for even more carrying options.

40 Prints per Charge
Power it up and enjoy printing up to 40 photos on a single charge. No batteries changes needed!

Shareable Sticky-Backed Prints
Each print has adhesive backing, so you can stick them on notebooks, scrapbooks, laptops, and more.

Planet-Friendly Photos
No cumbersome cartridges required. By removing the need for ink and toner, Zink paper cuts down on the waste that goes into landfills, resulting in a happier, healthier planet.

Lifeproof Prints
Every shot from your KODAK PRINTOMATIC is made to last a lifetime. Each 2ʺx3ʺ sheet is treated with a protective layer that shields it from tears, water damage, and smudges.

Made in the USA
The ZINK development and manufactoring facility is located in Whitsett, North Carolina. That s where each sheet of ZINK paper is carefully created by American hands.

Inkless Printing
No need for ink, toner, or cartridges: ZINK paper is all you need. That s because each sheet is embedded with color crystals that automatically activate every time you take a picture.

Highly Detailed Prints
Enjoy vibrant full-color instant photos with a level of detail only possible through ZINK ZERO INK Technology.

Instantly Shareable
Every shot taken with the KODAK PRINTOMATIC is 2ʺx3ʺ the perfect size for wallets, pockets, or scrapbooks! (source:






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