An Office Guy is Now Happy and Satisfied Since He Found an Affordable Home in BellaVita



I’ve been to office work for years and doing that work for a long time is so exhausting. So one thing I am always looking for is a place of relaxation — be it a spa or an open space or places in between of them. However, I have found a permanent spot for that goal of mine and that is my new home at Bellavita.


Deciding to buy a unit at Bellavita is one of those decisions that I did in my life that I did not feel any regret because I felt security the moment I went inside the community. The safe community at Bellavita made me feel at ease — because they make sure that everything is under control with their 24 hour security. Also, I have heard that most of the families who chose to have a house in Bellavita are so happy and satisfied because of the amenities of Bellavita.


Having a unit at Bellavita made me feel that anytime I want to escape the exhausting life I have in our office, I could just go home and unwind. I am very grateful to discover Bellavita as the units and the community fits perfectly to my liking. I have never found an Affordable House that gives all to you.



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