Do you need to wait for Black Friday to shop online?

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Before may be yes, because the Black Friday event lasted only a day and have a massive and various discounted items. But later on... it became a week long. But after a few years... The Black Friday event is almost like every week or every day. Therefore you don't need to wait the Black Friday event. Why? Because almost every week or every day and anywhere on the internet there are always sales posted to the online shopping website. How can you monitor those discounted items or products to those websites? If you are not familiar with discount and/or coupon code websites, those websites constantly monitoring the popular online shopping, especially the popular brands. Such as SlickDeals.Net, they have more than 3000 stores listed on their website. You can try to search for deals, discounts, or coupons for your favorite item or products, brands, or store. And you don't need to travel around to see it for yourself. You will be surprised because almost everything is on your fingertip and every week Black Friday shopping.



Some Black Friday and Online Shopping Tips:
Every professional-shopper knows how to avoid impulse purchases because some products posted on another website are much less expensive compared to the website you are currently viewing or shopping.


Don't forget to avoid sketchy websites or store, especially those websites that do not use an SSL certificate. Because the SSL certificate protects consumer payments against fraud. To know if the website is using certified SSL, the URL from the web browser address bar must begin with https, you may try to click the lock button from the left side of the address bar and then click view certificate. This will give information if the address given has legit SSL and website information.


Be aware of items or products warranty, because not all items or products have the same warranty coverage, some have parts and service warranty, while others have limited months of service warranty. But some product has a much shorter warranty period. Therefore, before checking out you need to verify the product warranty. If you can chat with their representative via online chat or email them? Do it! Don't be shy to ask a question.


How to avoid unsafe situations while purchasing online? Use the shopping cart to save your items or product, but don't forget to uncheck or delete from shopping cart the product(s) you wish to cancel for purchase. Once the item arrived at your door, don't sign anything until you inspect and verify the item, especially for those COD (Cash-On-Delivery) order.


It is very important to know what you can afford and set your budget. The benefits of shopping discounted items bring you more options to purchase more other items. As long as you don't exceed your budget it will probably alright.


Must know what you’re going to buy, for example... not all Smart TV has the same features, you need to understand which features you would like, such as the TV Resolution (HD, Full HD, Ultra HD 4K, Ultra HD 8K), PIP (Picture-in-Picture), Contrast Ratio, Screen Size, Number of Ports needed (HDMI, USB, DVI), etc... Sometimes, most of us think the more expensive the better. But have you ever thought if you are going to use all those features?


If you are too afraid to use your credit card online, use alternate payment modes such as Debit Card, PayPal, or if available from the option use COD (Cash-On-Delivery). But if you do need to use your credit card for the purchase, use a private feature of your browser, disable cookies and caching option.


Also, know which stores or websites will offer a better price, but as I said, be aware of the warranty. Because the item might be amazingly cheap, but the warranty is limited to a few months and services only, without parts warranty. Worst if the instant replacement will last 7 days only.



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