Gift ideas for gamers and where to get a best deals

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If you are looking for gift ideas for your special someone who loves playing computer games, but you don't have much an idea and budget for this coming holiday. Then you are in luck because you are on the right page. Why? Because I will give you a list in which you can select any gift ideas you might want to give to your child, brother or sister, friend, or your partner. Also to give you a little details to about computer produtcs for gamers. Anyway, nowadays 91% of kids are gamers, 70% of teens are gamers, while 53.4% of adults play games as well, thus include me, my wife and son.

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What are common gift ideas for a gamer?

  • Gaming Peripherals - The most common idea and but less expensive. Also, most often used by the gamers and very much essential.
    • Gaming Keyboard is an essential part of a computer since the keyboard is the main input device on a computer and it's only natural to be replaced often. Especially if the game required a lot of input from the keyboard.
    • Gaming Mouse is another essential part of a computer since the mouse is mostly used to click, highlight, or drag things that are visible to the computer screen.
    • Gaming Headset is very important to a gamer because it's specifically designed for gaming and provides some additional features that can be beneficial for gamers, especially on FPS games or RPG games. Some of the gaming headsets have surround sound features.
    • Surround Sound Speaker is one of the other choices for a gamer that does not want to wear a headset since some gamers do not want an additional wire hanging near their shoulder or arm, while others complain some gaming headset is heavy. But don't get surprised if you hear a loud sound coming from your son or husband room, because the downside of the speaker is most gamers would love to set a maximum volume to enjoy the surround sound feeling of the game.
    • Gaming Monitor - This can be expensive or very expensive, but the most expensive monitor provides more features, especially for protecting the eyes of the gamers and provide faster response time. If the gamer plays mostly an FPS (First-Person Shooter) games, this is very much and highly recommended for a gift idea. 
  • Gaming Computer Upgrade - Upgrading a computer makes the computer faster, but it depends on which part to upgrade and the usage. Also please be careful when buying computer parts, because not all computer parts will be compatible with other parts. Better ask a computer specialist or computer technician for which part is the best for an upgrade.
    • Gaming Graphic Card or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the most essential when doing an upgrade to a computer because most demanding games required a high-end gaming graphic card.
    • System RAM (Random Access Memory) or System Memory is another essential part of a computer when doing an upgrade because memory handles the data that are being loaded and the process by CPU from data storage such as Hardisk or SSD.
    • Computer CPU (Central Processing Unit) or Computer Processor is essential computer parts that process the applications and data stored from the data storage such as hard disk, USB disk, optical disk, and SSD.
    • Data Storage is not an essential upgrade of a computer, because nowadays the computer has at least 500GB or 1TB of disk space, while the SSD has at least 100GB or 200GB. Unless if the computer data storage is almost full that needs additional data storage to plugin inside the desktop or laptop computer. But take note some laptop storage is not equipped to add more data storage, instead of adding you need to replace the old data storage with a bigger data storage disk.

  • Gaming Computer Desktop or Laptop - This is the most expensive gift that you can give, but also the most acceptable and brings the most joy to the receiver. Because some parts from the previous computer can be transferred to a new computer, such as GPU, RAM, and data storage. And the latest games will be playable as long as it meets the system requirements of the game.
  • Game Console - Perfect gift for all ages, because it's easy to operate and play, click and buy games, easy to subscribe and a lot more features. Also, most unlikely to be infected by viruses or malware. Plus you don't need to trouble yourself about system requirements since all games are pre-configured to run efficiently to the game console.


If you have more things to add, please do comment below. Thank you for reading my article about "Gift ideas for gamers and where to buy".



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