Why Canada is a Great Place to Experience All of the Seasons?

Why Canada is a Great Place to Experience All of the Seasons?

Part of Canada's appeal is its four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. They offer changing landscapes, temperatures, climate, and travel costs. The climate and intensity of these seasons vary across the country.


This is when snow begins to melt and it gets warmer. There is often a lot of rain at this time of year. Days are warmer and longer but nights are still cool. Plants and grass begin to grow in the spring. Trees start to get leaves again in April or May. You will need a warm coat and possibly a hat, mittens, and boots in the spring. An umbrella is also useful. With all the trees and flowers in bloom and breezy blue skies, spring is a delightful time of year to get to know Ottawa. Take a guided walking or biking tour around the different neighborhoods or see the Rideau Canal, by boat. Either take a cruise or rent your own paddleboat, kayak, canoe or stand up paddleboard. Plenty of Ottawa houses for sale can be found, largely due to the presence of local universities. Patio season kicks off in Ottawa in springtime and you’ll want to join everyone else soaking up the sun and carefree al fresco vibe.


Summer comes only in the second half of June, or even closer to the beginning of July. And then, this summer is not in our understanding. There is no strong heat in Canada. Summer can last the longest in the west of the country. In Toronto, the summer can be very warm. Local Canadian weather forecasters and meteorologists use to indicate the temperature is not real (on a thermometer), and the temperature, called "feels like ...". In summer the water warms up well in fresh shallow lakes - up to + 25 °C (77 °F). The water temperature in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans is rarely above + 18 °C (64 °F) even at the end of July.


For so many Canadians, fall is easily the best time of year. With nature’s incredible changing colors, the pumpkin-spiced-everything, Halloween and the best Insta-opportunities of the whole year, what’s not to love?! The first day of fall in Canada was officially September 23, and Canadians country-wide are already celebrating this beautiful change in season by sharing some magical start-of-fall photos on social media.


Winter in Canada may be chilly, but it has plenty to offer both the adventure seeker and city slicker. Travelers who visit Canada in the winter do so specifically for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, but even those who aren't cold weather fans find plenty of reasons why winter is a great time to explore the region. During the winter months, many hotels offer discounted rates that include activities in the city. As long as you're dressed properly, visiting one of Canada's most popular cities for fine dining, culture, or shopping can also be a memorable experience.



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