Things to consider before buying car lift for your garage?

Garage Car Lift

Today the topic is about car lift, mostly car lift can be found from the auto shop or vehicle service center, and used for repairing things under the car. But nowadays the car lift is being used to get extra space for your garage. But before you buy a car lift for your garage you need to consider a few things.

Things you need to consider before buying or installing car lift to your garage:

  • Do you have a high ceiling?
    Some garage owners do not have a high ceiling this might includes you as well, therefore you might consider the height of your ceiling before buying which car lift will suit your garage.

  • How tall your vehicle?
    If you have a high ceiling you might be already thinking that you can install the car lift. But you might get surprised that one of your vehicles might not fit. Because if you are installing one truck, such as pickup, you must consider as well the height of each vehicle?

  • How thick your concrete floor?
    Since car lift will be installed to your garage you need to consider how thick your concrete floor as well, since the concrete will hold the car lift in place. Mostly the minimum thickness of concrete required is equal or more than 4 inches thick with a lot of iron bars for extra support within the concrete, and have at least 3000 Psi (Pound-force per square inch).

  • How much does it cost for a car lift?
    You must also consider "how much does it cost for a car lift?" before buying for your garage because for each vehicle group there is a difference in weight, height, length, and width limit of the vehicle. Therefore the price might be different depending on your vehicle, or which vehicle is allowed to a car lift.


There are more things to consider before buying a car lift for your garage, such as garage gate, power supply for the car lift, and who will install the car lift for your garage. Also, always remember try "Best Buy Auto Equipment" for all your car or vehicle equipment needs. But I only mentioned above the most important, since those mostly needed to be considered before buying or installation of a car lift to your garage.



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