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If you are into long distance relationship, then this article is perfect for you to read. Since maintaining long distance relationship is much harder than maintaining a normal relationship. Since your partner are very far from you or might be on the other side of the globe. But did you know there are ways of maintaining long distance relationship, yes you read it right. Let me give you some tips on how to maintain long distance relationship. Also, how to findout if you are not fit to have a long distance relationship. Below are the following tips of how to maintain your long distance relationship.

Exchanging Personal Gift
When after meet up, before your partner go home to his/her home country make sure you will be able to exchange a personal gift that will symbolize your loves and make each other remember by. Let say for example, if both of you loves drinking coffee, then a printed mug is the best personal gift idea for both of you. Since, when you both wake-up you will be seeing your partner while drinking coffee, it will really felt like you are drinking together and remember your partner.

Schedule and Routines
This very much important, especially if both of your time a very much conflicted to each other, let say 12 to 16 hours difference. The night and day are very much opposite to each other, like while you are at work your partner might be still sleeping, vice versa. Becuase of having different timezone and both of you really need to appreciate the differences with each other timezone. Also, having some routines when you need to communicate, which movie to watch, go out for a date together using smartphone, play online games, and so on... will be very much helpful to enjoy very much your relationship even thou you are very much far a part.

Trust Building
Aside with the communication, trust is very much important. Therefore, both of you need to build-up your trust to each other and not let yourselft to jump into any conclussion. Since most of the time you are not seeing each other, it very hard not to jump to any conclussion when your partner is working overtime, having a family emergency, and a lot other reason to make your partner having thoughts of you are cheating. If you or your partner are having some insecurity, especially a jelousy, its better be open about it. Let say your partner is not online today, don't jump quickly to any conclusion, but instead fill the gap, like try calling her. Your partner might forgot to call you, because your partner having difficulties fixing the internet, or talking the tech support to resolve the problem with the internet.


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I believe there are more things to add on ways to maintain long distance relationship. But I wan't to give way for other people who want to share their thoughts and opinions by the comment section below. Also, before we proceed to the next topic, I would like to ask some question. If you are still single and available, plus looking for someone to love online, then may be you might want to try Date Bedfordshire Singles? But if you are into mature dating, then Mature Bedfordshire Dating might the thing you are looking for. I don't know about the bedfordshire dating site, but might be the one you are looking for and its all up to you. Since I am already married, and experienced of having a long distance relationship for two years with my wife before. From my experince its really hard, but if both of you have effort, trust, and communication, the invisible boundaries will vanish. I remember when I had to walk 1KM just looking for internet cafe, since I don't have smartphones before. The same with my wife, she need to travel and go to mall just to find a decent internet cafe that has stable and fast internet connection. If I remember correctly, we are using Yahoo Messenger to communicate each other. When I remembering those days it made me smile while typing this. I missed when I miss my wife as my girlfriend.

Okay, onto the next one... The following are the reasons why the long distance relationship might not work for you. Hopefully, you are not going to have any reason not to.

Communication Problem
The most common problem to be experienced when having a long distance relationship. Since both of you are rely more in communication, but you might be having a hardtime with the time. Especially when the time is very much conflicted with both of your work and sleep. Also, when there is misunderstanding is really hard to express the forgiveness to each other.

Since most people have a lot differences you will encounter of having a difficulities in some conversation. I'm not talking about movies, color, or something you like and dislike. What I mean is both of you need to be clear with something that will affect both of your lives, like your future plans, such as marriage, having a baby, religion, place to live, and a lot more.

Yup, if you get jelous easily then if will be a problem, and it will cause a lot of disagreements. Always remember long distance relationship is build with trust. Trust is the most important thing with the long distance relationship. Its normal to get jealous, since its kinda cute when you are expressing your love. But too much will cause only problems.

Second Thoughts
If you think you can't handle long distance relationship or having second thoughts, then you better be honest and ask yourself, "I am really ready for this?". If you think you're not, then you better not engage with the long distance relationship. Because at the end you might findout later your are not compatible to each other, and it might cause a lot of problems to each other. Remember you are not just hurting yourself, you are hurting someone feelings too.

Physical Intimacy
If you rely on physical intimacy alone to feel close to your partner. Being far away with your partner might scare you or might cause uneasiness. Don't be afraid to ask this question as many as you can to yourself, and if you could get some suggestion from other might become much easier to answer this question. Always remember if you need a physical contact and intimacy with your partner, then you are not fit to have a long distance relationship to anyone. This might hurt you and become very much painful in the end, especially when the relationship didn't workout.

If you are not ready to put more effor in communication, then the long distance relationship is not for you. Since as I mentioned from above, long distance relationship is very much rely on communication.



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