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Apogee Symphony Desktop

Apogee Symphony Desktop




Apogee Symphony Desktop

Put the Sound of a Symphony on Your Desktop
Symphony Desktop for Mac, iPad pro and Windows packs the legendary sound quality of Apogees rack-mount Symphony I/O Mk II into an elegant and inspiring 1014 audio interface that sits on your desk and fits in your bag. With Symphony Desktop, musicians and producers are empowered to record, overdub and mix with the music industrys most respected AD/DA converters and mic preamps.

By combining superior performance, with new features like mic preamp emulation, the Symphony ECS Channel Strip plugin and ultra low latency recording with hardware DSP and Apogee native FX plugins, Symphony Desktop will amplify your creativity in your studio or on the go and give your recordings the Apogee sound quality Advantage.

Symphony Desktop Features

  • Most affordable Symphony series interface ever
  • Cutting edge components and circuit design deliver detailed and pristine flagship sound quality
  • 2 Advanced Stepped Gain mic preamps, up to 75dB of gain, variable impedance
  • FET instrument input with electric guitar tube amp characteristics
  • Apogee Alloy Mic Preamp emulation (Analog processing + DSP modeling) Includes British Solid State & 50s American Tube
  • Built-in hardware DSP processing of Apogee FX Rack plugins
  • Includes Symphony ECS Channel Strip Tuned by Bob Clearmountain Native and hardware DSP versions with EQ, Compression and Saturation
  • Flexible, zero latency plugin workflows: Print, Monitor and DualPath Link workflows
  • Dynamic touch screen display for comprehensive hardware control
  • 2 fully balanced 1/4 outputs
  • 2 assignable headphone outputs: 1 x 1/4, 1 x 1/8
  • 10 IN x 14 OUT simultaneous channels of audio
  • and more...

Cutting edge analog and digital components selected by curious and critical ears
As a Symphony family product, Symphony Desktop benefits from Apogees core mission to design the finest performing audio interfaces using cutting edge analog and digital components, carefully selected by ear. While others cut costs and rely on conventional design approaches, we use innovative components and circuit optimization to consistently improve the performance of our products.





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