5 Reasons to Include Jump Roping Into Your Workout



You may not always like exercising, but if you could burn about 1,000 calories an hour while also improving your mood and overall health, jump roping is worth an earnest attempt. Turn up the music, grab a sturdy nylon rope and throw on some Fenty Shoes for some added motivation.

Here are five reasons to begin a jump rope workout routine. 


1. Workout anywhere

The portability of a jump rope makes it attractive. Pack it in a briefcase, lunch box or handbag and take it practically anywhere.
A few minutes of jumping while waiting for an appointment or for the bus to arrive could have a positive effect on your cardiovascular and muscular systems. Finding a reliable pair of women’s or men's sneakers online that can serve as both office gear and workout wear makes for a versatile combination.

2. Get a total body workout

Because many tasks are performed while sedentary, a moderate or vigorous intensity workout counteracts many of the effects of sitting too long. Instead of splitting workouts by different muscle groups, a jump rope workout engages all the major muscle groups at once.
A standard vigorous or moderate intensity workout, such as jump roping, incorporates cross-fit training moves. You'll benefit from sturdy sneakers designed for cross training, such as those with rubber soles and lightweight materials that cushion your feet.

3. Reduce the risk of injury

Your knees, hips and ankles can take a beating from the repetitive impact of running, jogging or active sports. Jump roping can help reduce the risks of injury to the lower body. By wearing the proper men’s or women athletic shoes with insole cushioning, your feet can also better absorb the shock. Jump rope exercises are low-impact, but they also strengthen the lower body muscles that support ligaments and tendons. By giving these areas a rope workout, your joint health could improve. If you prefer to jump rope in a carpeted room, get some sneakers with thick rubber soles that wont get caught up in the fabric.

4. Improve cognitive function

The excessive amount of stress that can accompany our modern world may sometimes dull your sharp edge. Rope exercises, however, can help stimulate cognitive function by increasing the activity occurring on both sides of the brain.
Finding the motivation to stay physically active can be hard when the stress factors seem to pile up. A pair of colorful Fenty shoes or platform sneakers could help inspire you to get going when you least feel like it. Give your brain a chance to refresh itself while you also improve your physical health.

5. Gain cardiovascular benefits

The American Heart Association recommends adults perform at least 2.5 hours of cardiovascular exercise each week. This means spending 150 minutes on activities that keep your heart rate up. Jump roping for 2.5 hours each week gives you a standard intensity workout while burning more calories and reducing the risk of heart disease.
Staying fit while juggling a hectic lifestyle is easier with a jump rope routine. An important part of the lifestyle remedy is footgear that can get your feet moving when you need to break out of a stationary routine. The right pair of men’s or women athletic shoes can make a world of difference in getting you up and moving.



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