Ways to increase conversion and leads with Facebook ad creative

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I think most of us know that Facebook is the most popular social media in the world, and has more than 2.8-billion active users daily. Therefore, advertisers would grab this opportunity to get the attention of Facebook users. Even though it's such a crowded marketing space, Facebook offers the highest ROI (return on investment) of any social media platform. But some advertiser does not know that it must be used properly. Most advertisers' ultimate goal is creating a creative ad using Facebook ad creative. The idea is to make a viewer stop their seemingly endless scrolling and take action with your brand. If the ad isn't motivating a viewer to engage with your product or your service. It's not an effective ad. The best way to interrupt your Facebook scroller with a well-thought-out visual.


Alright, to help you create stunning visuals stopping scrollers in their tracks and changing the way you market through Facebook. There's no better way to sell a product than by putting it front and center. Scrollers are scanning pages just waiting for something to catch their eyes. So you need to make sure you grab their attention in one of the best ways. To do this is with your high-quality photo of your product. Facebook is a sea of low-quality images. But Nike is not one of them, they highlighted one of their cleats with a simple high-resolution image, and the only text that they used in their post is the name of the cleat. Which followed by a few powerful words, "clean and simple" on what they're selling. Now, maybe you're asking, "what if I'm selling multiple products?". Well, don't worry Facebook offers a carousel ad, which lets you showcase up to 10 visuals within one single ad. These are particularly useful because they stand out. Also, they're interactive, users can swipe from image to image-making the ad more engaging and effective. We're going to discuss carousel ads a little bit more. Because they can help in more ways than one. Even if you're not selling a tangible product you can still use some professional quality photos to sell a service or a virtual product, such as an e-book is an example that comes to mind for a virtual product you would want to showcase the cover or even the first page to draw a reader in. If you're selling a service like, maybe your own photography business, use some photos from previous clients to showcase your work as best you can. So a customer knows what to expect if they hire you now.


If you're in b2b or a SAS company product, photography isn't much of an option. What would be much better is... Creating your illustrations, these are customizable allowing you to cater your image to your target customer. You can get creative and have fun with it. Just like as MailChimp did here in the Facebook ads, incorporating icons and your illustrations can be beneficial as well. They're recognizable and can save a ton of space, if you use them to replace text just be sure to use a similar icon style. If you're using multiple icons in one image, you don't want your image to look sloppy. Things that you need to create your beautiful Facebook ads are graphics illustrations, icons, and more. Also, colors are more than just colors, because colors have meaning. The infographic sums up what emotions color can elicit to a viewer. If you're thinking of using a color different from your logo. Try to take a look again at your graphic and ask yourself, "Is this kind of graphic that my viewer may want to see and feel?". If you see and feel the graphic that the viewer would want, then it means one thing, you need a new design. Be optimistic and creative as much as possible, then try as much as you can. Then as you keep doing it and doing an experiment, you will start to get the idea and get better at it. But don't forget you will be advertising through Facebook, since the social media giant is primarily using white and blue, your best bet is to advertise using anything but that color scheme. Try using bright colors and create a strong contrast to that. No matter what color you decide on make sure there's a variation between the background color and the elements in your photo. If you use a dark background use lighter text to make it more noticeable than you have. The same goes with a light background in darker text. Now whatever photo you use make sure there is a purpose behind that specific photo and deeper meaning within the image itself. Don't just use an image because you thought it was a good picture. When starting to determine your reason, think of why you created the ad in the first place. If you want your message to resonate with your audience, imagine you are the audience that has the same values of interests and beliefs. You may also want to try visual storytelling, which able to immediately connect with the audience, and in turn, sales will soon follow. Multiple pictures are a little easier to tell a story, especially with carousel ads which can highlight the story. Instant experience ads can take your viewer on an interactive fullscreen visual journey. These allow you to create a fully customized experience that is sure to grab and keep a viewer's attention. Take for example Coca-Cola, they took advantage of the opportunity when debuting their new aluminum bottles.


Aside from those that I mentioned, the most popular nowadays is taking advantage of a video ad on Facebook. People spend five times more time on video content than static images. Most Facebook users are nearly two times more likely to purchase after watching a video on Facebook. Videos have changed the game for advertisers as they're engaging, interesting, and tell stories. To connect emotionally and make the most of your video ads, keep your videos short. I'm talking no more than 15 seconds, grab your viewers' attention right away and lock them. Viewers don't have all the time in the world to watch sponsored content. Next is to ensure your video makes sense. Also, the majority of people won't have enabled with their autoplay so make sure you have subtitles or text overlays to help them better understand your video. Don't forget the call-to-action button, which you can have the most compelling story imaginable. But if you don't guide a viewer with what to do next you won't see any results. For example, you can include a shop now button, showcasing your product, or try a register to win button. There are a lot more ways to increase your conversion and leads with Facebook ad creative. You may also try using all types of formats that available on Facebook ad creative, which surely will boost or greatly increase the conversion and leads.


Thank you very much for visiting my blog website. Hopefully, I was able to help you find ways how to increase conversion and leads with Facebook ad creative. If you have more suggestions, ideas, or opinions that you wish to share, please don't hesitate to comment below.



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