Ask Muscaro & Martini: How Invisalign works and effective?


Today I'm going to share something a little bit different. IF you're gonna ask Muscaro & Martini about how Invisalign works and effective. Then I might be able to answer that before you ask them. Invisalign work to move your teeth is just one type of a bunch of different clearer aligners there are different things. Different companies are coming up with ways of moving teeth by using clear aligners. But what you guys want to know about and what I'm going to share today is how plastic can move teeth instead of using things like wires and power chains to move those teeth. The fundamental concept of how teeth move is the same. When you use Invisalign you will feel the pressure and tension that is put on it - and when you put these forces on a tooth it causes tooth movement. Briefly when you put force on a tooth, what happens is you have pressure on one side of the roof and tension on the other. This causes the bone to disappear on the pressure side and bone to be laid down on the tension side. This essentially can cause a tooth to move through your bone into a new position with braces and wires the way this is done is that we put a bracket on your tooth and all the courses are delivered to that one part of the bracket which causes the tooth to move. Before we go any further along if you will see an aligner in a close-up look aligner looks like and a clear aligner is a sheet of plastic that goes around your teeth that causes tooth movement. They can have a bunch of different shapes and it's not scalloped, meaning that the bottom border of it is flat but in certain cases like with Invisalign it's scalloped to follow the gum margin. There are different pros and cons to this. What allows for the forces to be delivered to the tooth properly and precisely so that the planned tooth movement the way these aligners work is that basically to make your tooth move through a series of movements.


Now the question is... Is Invisalign effective? Is a bonafide orthodontic technology, anything that you can do with braces you pretty much can do with Invisalign. Right? There are a few things that you can do with Invisalign that you cannot do with braces. There might still be a few things that you can do with braces that you can't do with Invisalign. Also, all dental malocclusions now can be treated with Invisalign it's just a matter of how skilled and how knowledgeable is the person. There are all kinds of things that were believed to be impossible just five or ten years ago that are now shockingly quite easy to do. Nowadays there are too many dentists around, too many orthodontists around capable of making the Invisalign. If you live somewhere in South Tampa and you're looking where to get hold for teeth repair, teeth cleaning, veneer, or even Invisalign try visiting Muscaro & Martini Cosmetic Dentistry. I'm sure they will be able to help you with any tooth or teeth problems.


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