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    NOVUHAIR ® , the leading natural hair loss treatment in the Philippines, partnered with The Fit Filipino (FITFIL) Movement lead by Jim & Toni Saret, the brand’s VIP Fitness Coaches, to a FREE 20-day Facebook Live workout aimed at improving your wellness quotient goals through a “Bulletproof Immune System Activity Booster”.    This…
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She Didn’t Give Up on Mayor Isko

    Happy Mother’s Day!   As the old adage goes, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Mayor Francisco Domagoso or simply YORME, shares his heartwarming Mother’s Day message to a great woman behind his great success and to all the Filipino MOMS – the Real VIPs!   Watch the full video at…
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How to troubleshoot an Arctic CAT ATV or Snowmobile?

Arctic CAT ATV or Snowmobile

You can't start your arctic CAT ATV or snowmobile, then you are on the right page. But before we proceed, I would like to give you some quotes from Heraclitus, "There is nothing permanent except change", or replacement I suppose. Why did I mention it? Because when you are having a problem with your arctic…
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The Best Way To Shop For Antiques

Inside Tallulah's Antiques Consignment Store

(image source: Flickr)

When it comes to antiques, there is a myriad of different things that you can buy, but before you go out splashing the cash, you need to do some research to ensure that you get a good deal. There is plenty of information on buying antiques for the novice if you search online, and below…
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      Mayor ISKO MORENO threaded an impoverished area in Manila while growing up. As the elected City Mayor of Manila, more popularly known to Filipinos as Yorme, he never wavered amidst adversities hurled at him for taking several steps in making a better version of the city he fondly calls his home and…
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Are you into long distance relationship?

Online Chat - I Love you

If you are into long distance relationship, then this article is perfect for you to read. Since maintaining long distance relationship is much harder than maintaining a normal relationship. Since your partner are very far from you or might be on the other side of the globe. But did you know there are ways of…
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Still confuse on whether to hire a personal injury attorney?

Woman in white button up shirt

(image credit: Pikrepo)

I know, you are still wondering whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. Well, hopefully, no one will be able to experience a personal injury, but we can't tell when the accident could happen. When it does happen a lot of problems will arise or pop out. Which you will deal with a lot…
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4 Reasons Why Your Boat Motor Might Stop Working

image credit: Unsplash

(image credit: Unsplash)

There are some reasons why an outboard motor might breakdown but whatever the problem may be, it’s the last thing you want to happen whilst out on the river or at sea. Not only a motor is breakdown inconvenient it is also potentially life-threatening, but there are ways you minimize the chances of this happening…
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The new trend of jewelry & accessories for him

The new trend of jewelry & accessories for him

This year 2020 a new decade, my wife gave me a bracelet that will not cause any bit of allergy to my skin. That means it's time to get new accessories and jewelry for myself and maybe yourself too or to someone is dear to you. Below are the things that every man must have…
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What is Outsourcing Sales Tax Service?

Sales Tax Support

Outsourcing sales tax service or outsourcing sales departments is to be one of the most important fundamental tasks that a small, medium, or big business must-have. To perform or outsource to be able to get the job done when it comes to sale tax. In general, this is why most business still does outsource the…
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Can technology harness sustainable energy from Ocean?

Earth Sustainable Energy

Technology Engineers are trying different systems that take advantage of being thrown up and down with the ocean currents and release that kinetic energy and turn it into electricity. Some use systems where the waves spill over an artificial reef and then slowly the water as it sinks down generates energy. Other systems use mechanical…
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How to Get an Extra Bottle of Novuhair For Free

      “Experience nature’s special makeover treatment and feel like a VIP – Very Important Person.”   In line with NOVUHAIR’s 10th year of fervent commitment to consumer health awareness on hair loss prevention and maintenance, coupled by a decade of partnership with Mercury Drug Corporation, ADP Pharma Corporation has launched the NOVUHAIR VIP KIT.   Find out…
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Things to consider before buying car lift for your garage?

Garage Car Lift

Today the topic is about car lift, mostly car lift can be found from the auto shop or vehicle service center, and used for repairing things under the car. But nowadays the car lift is being used to get extra space for your garage. But before you buy a car lift for your garage you…
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Can’t decide whether to get auto insurance?

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance image credit to Ben Taylor (source:

Do you plan to buy a new vehicle but you don't know if you need auto insurance for your vehicle, or do you have the interest to get auto insurance for your old vehicle? Then you have come to the right page because on this page I will share some bits of information regarding auto…
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