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Floor & Carpet Cleaning Made Super Easy

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. It may contain some information, images, or videos from the internet.   Yes! You have read it right, cleaning floor these days are made super easy. I remember when I was still a child cleaning floor is super hard, specially when scrubbing the floor whether it is…
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Moms love TINY BUDS Natural Baby Products

Moms love TINY BUDS Natural Baby Products.   Tiny Buds also delighted and educated parents and kids alike, through a segment about how important it is to use natural products for our precious children and they tackle also that overfeed infant/babies and letting baby lie back immediately after feeding these might cause infant hiccups. Led…
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CORDLIFE Philippines: One Chance, One Choice

  CORDLIFE Philippines: One Chance, One Choice. The Cordlife team, led by brand manager, Ms. Jonelyn De Belen along with medical and brand experts were able elucidate the participants on the benefits of banking Cord blood. There is only one opportunity to collect and store the stem cells found in the cord blood and this…
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