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Henry and Sons Introduces Transparency Platform for Coffee

    In the recently concluded World Food Expo Manila, Henry and Sons President and CEO Michael Harris Conlin launched—a digital transparency platform that displays a detailed information of coffee from the farmers to the retail market.    During his presentation in the forum “A Taste of the Cordillera” last August 9, Conlin explains…
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Caffeine Brothers Co. Releases CB’s Finest, The Kickstarter Blend for All

    A new player in retail and distribution launches online store for Philippine specialty coffee.   Manila, August 07, 2019 — Caffeine Brothers Co., an up-and-coming startup specialty coffee retail and distributorship based in Manila, Philippines, announced today the finest launch in the Philippine Coffee Industry history with the release of CB's Finest -…
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HIS & HERS : Good Things Come in Pairs

    There’s a thin line between the idea of being Thoughtful and Practical when choosing the perfect gift for couples. Striking a balance can be a real challenge. You have to consider their shared interests and make sure that you pick up something neither of them owns. Novuhair is here to help you decide…
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Best Mother’s Day Surprise Send it Through Send A Shakey’s

    It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the love and sacrifices of mothers, motherhood and maternal bands around the world.   Each one of us have our own super wo-Mom, the one who carried us in her womb, gave birth to us after nine months, played with us, fought with…
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Stomach Pain? Get yourself checked to make sure it’s not cancer

Stomach Pain

At one point in time, just about anybody will experience a form of stomach ache or pain. Most of the time, stomach pain is not something to worry about but if it becomes regular and accompanied by other conditions, get yourself checked because it might be linked to cancer.   What are the common causes…
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5 Filipino Actors to Watch in 2019

5 Filipino Actors to Watch in 2019(source:

Show business moves fast, and in an industry that's thriving in the Philippines it's no surprise to see dozens of faces and projects come and go in the span of a few months. Filipinos are full of talent, so it's no surprise that the entertainment industry is one place where actors, directors, set designers, writers,…
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The Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival Rises to Even Greater Heights

    Just the mere mention of the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Global City brings to mindthe eye-popping visual of larger-than-life gathering of hot air balloons in all shapes andsizes from all over the world.   The sky is dotted with giant animals, happy faces, and other improbable flying objectsalongside the classic striped…
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No Date? Nimo TV Got You Covered

      It is easy to get envious if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, especially seeing happy couples you know sharing cute photos and romantic status updates all day.  However, don’t fret; with a positive attitude and a little creativity, you can have as much fun as every happy couple you encounter even if…
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There’s Always Something Better to Be Done

  Nico Nazario or KuyaNic is the mastermind behind Project Lupon a new media entity for gamers focusing on event coverage, gaming-related content and streaming support for both local and international market.    “I don’t have a decent streaming background. All I have was a vision on what should be shown and content to produce.” …
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Spread All Kinds of Love This Upcoming Singles Run 2019

    Throughout all these years, Valentine’s Day has become the special day for love and warmth. Couples happily sending romance to each other, placing the world in full heat and delightful energy – hence February is the most beautiful month of the year.   However, not all of us will be spending the night…
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A Christmas Wish List

    This Christmas, give yourself the things you deserve. Just like the past Christmases, people you love will ask you for your wish list of things you want to receive. However, this Christmas, why don’t you try to give yourself your wishes instead of having to ask for it from other people. Yes, it…
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Pho Hoa: A Healthy Vietnamese Cuisine

  If you are craving for a healthy Vietnamese cuisine, you should all try Pho Hoa. They are known as the Health Conscious Choice that offers Vietnamese Cuisine. They serve healthy bowl of Pho using Vietnamese flavors and spices.   Pho Hoa is serving in different places here in the Philippines; One of their branches…
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Things you want to know about eyeglasses lense before you buy

Things you want to know about eyeglass lenses before you buy

source: VoogueMe

Please be advise to consult optometrist or ophthalmologist. The content is my opinion, experiences, and gathered informations from the internet.   When it comes to eye care and eyeglasses, there are many various things we need to learn and understand. Some are... Does it have maximum comfort, ultra-lightweight, UV or bright light protection, stylish, durable,…
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Have a Feast at Mesa Eastwood

  Among the Filipino dining choices at Eastwood Mall, Mesa Filipino Moderne is simply one of the best because the authenticity of Filipino cuisine is preserved even in the elevated dishes. The interior is contemporary with hints of our heritage that brings a familiar homey ambiance. For some of the best-tasting food you’ll ever eat,…
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