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Why changes in sales tax laws can really impact your business?

Why changes in sales tax laws can impact your business

Why changes in sales tax laws can impact your business? Let's see if a high-level sales tax can make an impact on your business and then the economic nexus is one of the new things that has changed drastically over the last couple of years. Also, how you can automate sales tax compliance, we're going…
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What and How to sell on Azure Marketplace?

Online Marketplace

What exactly is the azure marketplace? The azure marketplace is a store of a virtual machine, images, developer, services, and more. Some are from Microsoft, but most come from their partners and the community. So how does it all work internally? Azure can be used as a resource management platform to manage and deploying infrastructure…
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Ways to increase conversion and leads with Facebook ad creative

Facebook Ads

I think most of us know that Facebook is the most popular social media in the world, and has more than 2.8-billion active users daily. Therefore, advertisers would grab this opportunity to get the attention of Facebook users. Even though it's such a crowded marketing space, Facebook offers the highest ROI (return on investment) of…
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021 Maker Space Dream Incubator Opening Soon in Binondo

    Binondo, Philippines, Aug. 8, 2020 - 021 Maker Space Dream Incubator, a new CoWorking space and business incubator will open this September 2020 at the heart of Binondo, a busy commercial district in Manila City. It would be located on the 8th floor of Co Ban Kiat II building along Juan Luna Street,…
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What is MRO, why its important, and why you need MRO Optimization?

Warehouse Interior with boxes

(image credit: Pikrepo)

First of all, I'm no expert concerning this topic. I might be wrong, but if you can comprehend and do think that I'm correct, I'm very much happy that I was able to help. Let us begin with the word MRO, is an acronym that stands for maintenance, repair, and operating supplies, which are all…
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What is Outsourcing Sales Tax Service?

Sales Tax Support

Outsourcing sales tax service or outsourcing sales departments is to be one of the most important fundamental tasks that a small, medium, or big business must-have. To perform or outsource to be able to get the job done when it comes to sale tax. In general, this is why most business still does outsource the…
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Welcoming 2020 with Fresh Start and Full of Positivity

    Another chapter in our lives unfolds in the beginning of each year. 2020 is extra special since it is also the start of a new decade. We all await exciting opportunities for a fresh start and new beginnings in our personal lives and of course in our blogging community. No matter what your…
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Importance of Customer Success To Your Business


To understand the importance of Customer Success in your product, services, business, company, or organization we need to learn more about "Customer Success". What is Customer Success? Customer Success is a way of thinking about your customers, and a method of monitoring and/or ensuring the customer will receive the satisfaction they are looking for the…
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What is Data Governance and why you need it for your business?

What is Data Governance and why you need it for your business?

Data governance is a data management concept used on both a macro and a micro-level. The former meaning is a political concept and forms part of international relations and Internet governance.   The macro-level data governance refers to the governing of cross-border data flows by countries, and hence is more precisely called international data governance.…
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Which Clover POS System is Best for You?

Clover POS System

Clover POS System (source:

Finding the right point of sale system for your business allows you to operate at optimal capacity. The POS system enables you to take payments in an efficient manner and also provides for other functions such as inventory, reports, marketing, and even retail analytics. These capacities give your company momentum to boost sales, retain customers…
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What are the Three Principal Types of P2P Lending?

Peer to Peer Lending

What is P2P Lending? To make this guide more cohesive, let us start by explaining to you what P2P, also known as peer-to-peer, lending is all about. P2P lending is a system that processes direct loans between borrowers and lenders. These direct loans are typically managed and administered by a P2P firm. Do note that…
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