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    Property Giant Aims to further Strengthen Online Presence for the Millennials     MANILA, MARCH 29, 2016: As the Philippines’ Internet landscape continues to grow, along with it is the way that brands and consumers do business. For the real estate industry, easy and real-time viewing of the property is the fast-emerging trend.…
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What It’s Like to Send and Receive a Veems’ Secret SMS

Veems is a social app where you can share your life differently. It allows you to send status, photos, and Secret SMS that you wouldn't experience anywhere else. And the website: Also the Google Play description: Why "VEEMS" is hot today and onwards on social media users and texter? Because anyone who wishes to…
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Veems Makes Us Express Ourselves To Someone

  Veems? What is it?  Veems is a Social Media - Android application, mainly used for sending an anonymous messages to someone and receive the reply in private.   From "Veems" website, Veems is a place where you can speak your ideas freely. It has everything you love about social media. You get to heart…
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