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Strengthen technical quality management and improve product quality
Views:2103 Date:2018-09-29 10:37:09

Weihai jihe heating system co., LTD. has a short time to set up the factory and a fast climbing speed of production capacity.We have solved the existing situation and new problems in the process of production and operation in real time and achieved remarkable results through technical and technological improvement, quality control risk.

First of all, take corrective action system improvement as the starting point to improve the effectiveness of hierarchical audit.Establish an audit team jointly participated by the technical quality department, the production management department and the comprehensive management department to assess the audit results.The technical quality department keeps track of the closure of non-conforming items and effectively uses stratified audit to achieve the purpose of process improvement.The introduction of QSB learning system is used to train the hierarchical audit, so that the auditors to audit purposes, audit findings can be more conducive to their own improvement.Manage the corrective measures and implementation of the hierarchical audit, organize the root cause analysis and make systematic improvement.Analyze the TOP3 problems of the hierarchical audit every month, and make targeted improvement measures for TOP problems.

Secondly, we should strengthen daily QRQC meetings, collect internal and external quality data every day, designate responsible persons for internal and external quality problems, and ensure quick response to quality problems.Collect internal PPM values, establish weekly quality analysis meeting, monthly quality analysis meeting system, and analyze and improve internal and external quality problems.We should further strengthen the management of QC and implement continuous quality improvement.Insist on taking QC activities as an important tool for continuous quality improvement, conduct a new round of planning for QC activities of the company, change the mode of project selection to solve internal and external TOP problems, and two QC projects have been set up in Weihai factory.Conduct systematic process training and study, and pass the systematic process examination.IATF system training and five tools training to improve the quality management of management personnel, quality tools application.Conduct 8D change management and Q+ training to improve quality management level.

Finally, the process control is promoted, and the advance control is implemented to prevent the outflow of defective products.Improve the incoming inspection mechanism, set up the incoming inspection area and put qualified products into storage. Control product quality from source.Increase the implementation of the "three non-principles" and rationalization proposal at the manufacturing site,and strengthen the intensity of rewards and punishments.Set up side panel sample and staff production check sample to avoid batch problem.Strengthen process control, refine process monitoring points, and supervise the effectiveness and implementation of manufacturing processes.

In the field process, adjust the layout of the manufacturing site, through reasonable planning to improve operational efficiency and optimize the logistics channel.Adjust the production area of oxygen arc welding, and divide the core grinding area, welding area, water inspection area, and the place area of finished products and semi-finished products to improve operation efficiency.

The intercooler products have been transferred to Weihai factory one after another, and the production capacity has been reached through previous exploration and improvement.The assembly line can trace the equipment to go online, and the qr code identification can replace the spraying code, which can more effectively control the product retroactively and save the cost.Changed the design of futian B27 project, completed the debugging of small FMC, and achieved the mass production capacity.In terms of cost reduction, argon gas tank modification of argon arc welding group was completed, and packaging and transportation improvement of wuling products (recyclable cardboard boxes) was carried out normally at the time node.

    The technical quality department of Weihai factory will continue to improve the corresponding measures to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.     

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