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Struggling with the hot summer and guarantee delivery
Views:1862 Date:2018-09-29 10:36:38

The summer of 2018 is the highest temperature ever recorded in Weihai and the longest duration of high temperature.In August, the hot weather continued to hit Weihai, and the factories in Weihai were boiling hot.Workshop staff to fight with the high temperature and fight with the hot summer, always stick to the post.In order to ensure product delivery, in such a hot environment, Weihai factory around the quality, security and delivery of "three guarantees" goals, called on all staff to meet the difficulties and charge forward.It is the selfless working spirit and unremitting efforts of the staff of Weihai factory that made them withstand the scorching heat, which made Weihai factory achieve another success and the output reached a new peak of 4,6135 sets.

In the hot summer heat, the sun is shining high outside, the workshop brazing furnace also gives off heat, the workshop hot air cannot release in time, the staff work continuously in the "stove", work overtime (the core assembly staff work two shifts for 8am - 10pm, 8pm - 10am), and fight continuously.In the case of extreme shortage of personnel, administrative staff and logistic support staff actively participate in workshop production during off-duty time and on-duty time while completing their duties.They worked silently, without fear of hardship. Even in the face of special work environment, they never give up. They gave up their vacation to meet the needs of their customers. They fought high temperatures and achieved high production.In order to ensure the safety of workers, company leaders are always concerned about the employees who are fighting in the hot summer.In addition to the daily safety inspection, the workshop management personnel also provide on-site supervision and assistance to the personnel  with multiple posts, continuous work, support personnel on the spot, so that the staff can take turns to rest and relieve fatigue.Teams use pre-class meetings to emphasize production safety, improve safety awareness of front-line employees, and avoid safety accidents caused by illegal operations.Managers often appear beside the workers in the workshop to learn about the production of the workers in detail, and asked about their health and work schedules.Before the start of the summer, the company issued to front-line employees such as wind medicated oil, patchouli healthy qi water and other anti-heat supplies. In the face of the high temperature environment,Weihai factory takes measures such as making mung bean soup, adding electric fans to each team and providing ice cubes to cool the heat.These may seem unremarkable, but they bring cool and refreshing to the workers fighting the heat.In order to effectively reduce the temperature of the workshop, this series of humanized measures ensures that the front-line company employees who struggle in the high temperature will be able to comfortably spend the hot summer.

Under the scorching sun, all the employees of Weihai factory work on this hot land every day, overcome the difficulties, overcome the high temperature and challenge tasks, and successfully complete the delivery.In the following work, Weihai factory calls on all the staff to continue to carry forward the spirit of fighting bravely and fighting continuously, seize the opportunity, continuously strengthen the confidence and determination to overcome difficulties, complete the delivery tasks with quality and quantity, and create a new production peak.

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