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Social Bookmarks

Publish links and other information that might interest readers & subscribers. To learn more information about this service please refer from:
WikiPedia: Social Bookmarking


Provide help to promote a promotion(s), event(s), and/or consumer product using my weblog, social media accounts, newsletters, and/or campaign event with my fellow bloggers.

Tech Review

I'm very much delighted to create a tech review for electronics appliances, devices, gadgets, and/or products. I/we can provide reviews for its features, technical specs, and personal opinions about it.

Social News

Published post under "Social News" which relates to press release, trending online event(s), and other popular articles. This news is more about topics that I, you, we, or others might have an interest or need to know whether about various individuals or organizations, event(s), and/or consumer product(s).

Help Corner

As IT/Tech Specialist, I might be able to help you with your problem with Computer, Mobile Phone, & Tablet. But! I can't promise anything, and sometimes risk is involve. I will do what I can do to help you best.

Web Services

I can help you with various web services. Please visit Web Solutions Philippines, for more information.

Specialized Services

  • Microsite Brand/Event Promotion

    Mostly, "Microsite" used for competition, contest, deals, freebies, giveaways, or raffle to promote a single or multiple products, social media account, website, blog, and anything that needs audience awareness. With this specialized service, I/we can make things easier for your. I/we will organize everything, from Microsite developing & domain, event…

  • Full Tech Review & Promotions

    We create and publish unboxing and usage review of Electronic or Tech gadgets and/or devices. And create a giveaway/competition promotion from the product reviewed. We all know that every months and years there are always new Electronic or Tech gadgets and/or devices, but does the consumer know about it, or…

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